Wednesday, October 20, 2010

going round and round

The minute they stepped into the dark place, Megan wondered what they'd got themselves into. Like a charade of a night club. Only, it really wasn't. If someone turned on the lights they would see how naked the place really was. How old the wooden floors really were. Megan felt a little disgusted. Why did she ever want to come?

They got the drill. How they could be little sisters to their Fraternity. Something  like that. She really wasn't listening. She knew in the end, all the house really wanted was money. But there was a free food and booze at the bar. Megan grabbed some of the finger foods. She was starving. She noticed Sammi taking it all in. She didn't want this ending up like a scene from Heathers. Honestly, she didn't want a frat guy that bad, and she would hate to loose Sammi. Megan didn't hate her, completely.

They walked toward the pink ballroom aka, dine hall where the music was playing. It made her think of the club and how unexpected things had turned there. Megan winced. But then she saw Cho and he headed toward her.

"What are you doing here?" He smiled. Megan didn't know what to say. She introduced him to Sammi.

"You're Mia's lil sis, aren't you?" He was friendly with Sammi and they talked for a bit. Megan immediately thought she'd done something nice. But soon enough Cho wanted to dance with her and Megan was lost in the crowd immediately with him. He did know how to enjoy the music and yes, it was just dancing. But three songs went by before Megan thought of looking for Sammi. Megan didn't see her anywhere.

"Where are you going?" Cho pulled her back to him. Megan just looked at him as if she was suddenly miserable. That maybe he really wasn't her answer to anything.

"I think you need some air." He showed her to the outside back porch. People were making out. And there was a crisp air of Autumn in the air. Megan shivered. She hugged herself not wanting him any closer.

"I don't know where Sammi is." She then said.

"Sammi?" He winced.

"You know, who I came with?" She looked at him a bit peeved.

"She couldn't be far." He smiled then and touched her cheek, but Megan pulled away. She grabbed her cell then. Why hadn't she gotten Sammi's number?


ayşegül said...

they must be more more closer :P

ellie said...

Is Cho drunk? First he knows Sammi, now he doesn't. Its a party.

She is Sara said...

I feel bad for Cho, I really like him and I think Megan lead him on a little earlier in the story, I think she should tell him that she is taken and not interested. I hope they find Sammi.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Parties always spell confusion, disaster, and mishaps. :/

nick and heath said...

Oh, sometimes, it just gets out of control.