Friday, October 8, 2010

mysterious love

"Do you think I'm being clingy?" Zeke asked Smed a few days later after classes started, and they'd been a the house almost a week. They were pretty OK with Zeke's Mom and Sheila, who wanted Smed to come see them for Thanksgiving.

"What do you mean?" They were out at lunch at the campus cafeteria without the girls.

"I dunno if I can explain it. I-I really like being with Caitlin, but I'm not sure when to, not be with her." Zeke confessed. The whole shower thing was a little awkward. And might not happen again, for awhile. What was he thinking? Why wasn't he embarrassed being undressed around her? After all, she'd seen his 'devil-toe'. And they had had sex. It wasn't so much he wanted to see so much of her, but the fact of just being comfortable around each other. Nude. Now he knew, it wasn't going to be that comfortable yet.

"What are you talking about?" Smed winced as he grabbed a chicken salad sandwich and apple from the cafeteria line.

"I-I've never lived with a girl, before." Zeke told him.

"That makes two of us. Although, I've had all summer to get used to Megan. I just kind of watch and learn." Smed found them a table.

Zeke nodded as if he'd make a note of that.

"I've got a question for you." Smed said as he stuffed half the sandwich in his mouth. Zeke couldn't imagine what it might be, but he watched Smed choke down the sandwich. "You been alone with Sammi yet?"

"I don't think so." Zeke winced.

"She kissed me." Smed finally told him.

"What did you do?" Zeke thought it was kind of funny.

"I just ignored her. Like maybe it didn't really happen." Smed shrugged.

"What will you do.... if she does it again?" Zeke wanted to know.

"I'm watching to make sure that does not happen. I am not being alone with her." Smed smiled as if that was the best answer.

"But you know she wants you." Zeke grinned. He ate at his chips then.

"Yeah, right." Smed rolled his eyes. "She'll meet someone. And she won't remember me."

"I dunno. I think she's sweet on you." Zeke shrugged. He knew they had better things to talk about. Like Smed's job and an interview Zeke hoped he got through at the nursing home.


Romany said...

Ah things like that are always awkward in the beginning. He needs to see it through.
By the way, what made you decide to name the blog Caitlin and Megan?
p.s. so I checked the stats on my blog - turns out that the majority of those hits were because I have images of Christina Hendricks on my site. And people googling (or using Bing) Christina Hendricks are at some point being directed to me. 10 and a half thousand of them. Wow. She is ONE popular lady!

Meg said...

Living with someone just takes some getting used to.

She is Sara said...

It's great that they are pretty close. I am glad that Smed is happy, poor Sammi!

ellie said...

Oh..he's so optimistic.

E.L. said...

boy talk..sweet.

gleenn said...

I love the setting of this story. :)

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Cafe Fashionista said...

At least he's always cheery!! :)