Saturday, October 30, 2010

never enough

Naturally, Sammi freaked when she saw Megan, but that didn't stop her from getting her in the car. Megan paid Sammi's fretting, no mind. She just gave Smed a look. This girl was like having a thorn in her side.

"You know, who she was with, don't you?" He looked back at the dorm. The dorm where Caitlin had spent the summer.

"NO." There was only one guess. Derrick. "Shit, I didn't even see him at that party, Smed." Megan squinted hard. How much more was he going to blame her about this fiasco.

"Yeah, well, you were pretty busy with Cho, weren't you?" Smed reminded her with just as much a scowl she'd given him moments earlier.

Megan frowned and looked away, wondering it this night would ever be over.

Caitlin and Zeke were waiting for them. They helped put Sammi to bed.

"Maybe I should stay up with her." Caitlin offered.

"For what?" Megan thought they were making too much of a big deal out of Sammi.

"Alcohol poison." Caitlin hugged herself as she put her hand on Sammi's forehead who laid there, looking asleep now.

Megan hadn't thought about this. She didn't want to be responsible for this. Finally, Smed put his arm around her.

"Come on, you need to rest. You have classes in the morning." He reminded her. He kissed her forehead then to let her know that he wasn't that mad. After all, she could have just left with Cho. But she had a bad taste in her mouth. She was glad she hadn't gone down that road because, she knew people cared about her here, and she had to care about them, too.


ellie said...

I hope Megan has learned her lesson.

ivy's closet said...

Oh, boy. All the stuff Smed has to put up with.

better days said...

I'm glad Caitlin is concerned about Sammi.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Smed seriously deals with a lot - like a champ!! :)

ayşegül said...

she has to study :D

happy halloween..:))

good sunday xx

ellie's nanowrimo said...

I think Megan realizes she wants to be with Smed for good. I hope.

Aury said...

Megan needs to do more soul searching I think.