Friday, October 22, 2010

one break after another

Zeke thought this was going better than planned. Studying. Which really didn't mean studying. Well, it always started out that way with Caitlin. He really liked break time with her, the most. Which lead to other things, like a quaint delirium and before he knew it... they had been in bed a good hour.

"Huh." He looked at the clock. Honestly, he didn't really know it would be this way. Important thing to remember was to let Caitlin decide when things might happen. Really, he was quite all right and comfortable.

"Honestly, you're not going to read anymore, are you?" It was getting late, but Caitlin was up as if she had  new energy to burn. Zeke just wanted to sleep.

Then Caitlin's cell buzzed. She told him it was Megan. She answered.

"I knew it! I just knew it! Something like this would happen." Caitlin was not in a good mood. Zeke rose up on his elbows while Caitlin paced around.

"She's lost Sammi." Caitlin was ready to leave in her pajammas. Her hair streamed down her face. Really, he didn't want her to take off, like this.

Zeke set up then.

"Have you even tried to call Sammi?" He guessed this would mean he'd have to get dressed even if he didn't want too.


ellie said...

Oh my.

I'm glad they are worried about her.

molly said...

Things seem to be making them happier and happier...heehehe

ivy's closet said...

I think they are finding their way to this living together.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Living together seems to be working out - slowly. :)

Aury said...

I hope they find Sammi...

better days said...

I hope they find her. Glad they are enjoying each other's company.