Monday, October 18, 2010

taking the leap

All right, Sammi was a bit timid around Megan. Immediately, she thought of her step-sister when she was around her. Yet, Sammi felt this was the time. It was college. She was suppose to explore and be somebody new and different.

Her mom hadn't came like she said she would. She'd gotten tied up at work. Truth was, things were tight now because her Mom had split from Mia's Dad. It was just the two of them now. She guessed that was why Mia had trashed the place. But she wouldn't be back. She'd make sure of that.

Anyway, she put on a bit more lip gloss and hoped she didn't lose her strapless black top. Really, she knew she didn't have that much to hold up, a top like that. And her skinny jeans suddenly felt a little tight. She never dressed up. But she had on her sharpest heels. She hoped she looked enough to be Mia's little sister. Even if they weren't really related. Everyone knew who Mia was. No one knew Sammi.

Just then Megan came down the stairs.

"Where's Smed?" Sammi looked at her.

"I've locked him away for safe keeping." She glared at her. "He is my boyfriend, and not for you to borrow."

"Oh." She winced hard. How was she going to explain herself. She really hoped he'd just shut up about it because oddly, he acted as if he'd missed the kiss completely. "That was..uh..I just wanted to try..something.." Her eyes darted away. "Just forget it." She wanted to.

"Right. But I won't let you." Megan informed her who walked on. She turned back to Sammi who just stood there startled. "Well, come on, lets do this." Sammi followed. They got in Megan's car and for a moment as Sammi buckled up, she had to wonder if Megan would try to have an accident just so she'd show her where she stood on the Smed issue.

"He's not gonna mind that you..are..doing this?" Sammi couldn't look at Megan.

"Its not like he's gonna deprive me of anything. I'm here to have fun." Megan just smiled and they found the frat house soon enough. "Its not like I want to join one. I just want to know what its all about."

Sammi couldn't help but be serious. She just hoped they came back alive. The music was already pounding. Laughter was everywhere. Sammi felt nervous, already.


better days said...

Poor Sammi, but I'm glad Megan laid down the law.

lucy and sarah said...

I feel kind of sad for Sammi. Maybe.

ellie said...

I hope she knows what she's getting into.

Keith said...

I hope Sammi isn't too nervous.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope she's ready for this. :/

She is Sara said...

I feel bad for Sammi, but I understand why Megan is mad. I kinda feel like Megan is going to get them into trouble.

ivyoaks said...

Sammi sounds she's had a rough go as of late. Hope something sweet happens.

Panda! said...

Poor Sammi.

Berlin said...

Megan Megan.. she better be right about what she just said.

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