Monday, November 29, 2010

if only

It was only Thanksgiving. But still Caitlin was in a state of shock.

What had ever came over Smed with that kiss? It bothered her for a few hours or so. And then Noel called. She wasn't sure what he wanted, but ended up inviting him over. This would be the chance to introduce him to Sammi, but then he brought his younger brother, Logan.

She didn't know what to do. It wasn't like she was dressing up for Derrick's extravaganza. She'd stayed in her comfortable clothes. Really, what was the point, to dress up.

She'd been chewed out already by her Dad and the expense of the bed. It didn't matter that she'd paid him at least half of the cost back. They were barely on speaking terms now. And wasn't Thanksgiving for family? Clearly, she had Zeke and that was it. Which she was fine with, but they could have gone out to the nearby diner and had turkey sandwiches. She would have been OK with that. She wouldn't have eaten it. She didn't want to eat now, either. Especially, with Noel looking amazingly hot. But then again, Zeke was just as hot, in his own way. Everybody, looked wonderful, but her.

And then there was Derrick, but she clearly hated him, now didn't she? She'd never actually hated anyone in her life, until now. And really, she couldn't help but smile about it. She was quite fond of aggravating him. Yet, she went back to that accidental kiss with Smed.

She was slightly smitten. She hadn't meant to be. But it was a little secret, perhaps closer to her heart than she wanted to admit. Oh, if this was Thanksgiving, how exciting would Christmas be?


better days said...

Sounds like Christmas might be interesting.

ellie said...

I wish she thought more of herself.

ivy said...

Interesting that she thinks of him..what could it mean?

Berlin said...

No point hating someone, better just forgive or forget and we'll be in peace : )

Sheltering in a coconut,

Cafe Fashionista said...

Here's to an eventful Christmas. :/

She is Sara said...

She seems a little lost, I wonder what everything will lead to?