Tuesday, November 9, 2010

it could be a great job

Megan didn't realize how much she'd missed Molly. If only she could have stayed. She could have done without rowdy Dolby. But Molly was pregnant and she was sure Molly would need more pampering to, as the months wore on. She was jolly though, and it put Megan in a good mood. And Smed was happy.

Molly talked her into taking the only position she could find. Babysitting. It was for a professor, who was a single mother. She had a 7 year old boy named Caleb. Of course, she got an earful from the English professor how he'd had a Nanny, and Megan was not a Nanny. Megan wanted to roll her eyes, at the time. She felt she was put down. But anyway, someone needed to be there for Caleb.

Naturally, she wondered if he might be a monster of some kind hidden under those blue berryeyes and a chunky blond haircut. She just knew any moment he'd tell her, "I can see dead people." But as it was, he was hard to get to know. It wasn't that he disliked her. He just didn't show much emotion.

"Maybe he as aspergers." Caitlin shrugged while they were cleaning up after a Sunday night dinner. "Zeke seemed to think I had it, when we first met."

Megan couldn't help but crack up.

"Seriously?" Megan didn't want to think of Caleb having a syndrome of some sort.

"Shh..he doesn't like to talk about it." At least Caitlin told her about the signs of Aspergers. "His Mom should know by now, shouldn't she?"

Megan was afraid to ask. She was happy to get a pay check.


ivy's closet said...

Great about the job. Maybe he just needs to warm up to her.

ellie said...

Funny about Zeke and Caitlin.

Josie said...

So good about the job!
xo Josie

simon and josh said...

I hope she'll love it.