Saturday, November 13, 2010

just an incentive

Caitlin decided to take a boot camp exercise course. This was the way it had to be if she was going to keep the fat off and remain strong. She felt the need to stay in shape.

"But you look great." She wasn't sure what Zeke saw when he looked at her, but she didn't see it in the mirror. He'd tried to persuade her that she didn't have to, but she'd get up at 4 in the morning 3 times a week to work out for an hour at the campus gym.

Thats where she me Noel. Of course, he was perfect and she was clumsy. But still she felt better after every session, she thought. Or was it because he was there. Maybe she was just falling into lust with him. Not that she was trying to flirt or anything. And he was being kind enough to show her the ropes. Well, once he touched her knee and how she needed to bring it up more when she exercised. See, it was no more than some trainer trying to get her to her goal of losing 50 pounds.

"But you don't need to lose 50 pounds." Noel informed her.

"Right." She had to smile because he had such a beautiful smile. But she knew she did. Really. She wanted to beat this before she got fat. Oh, she would be. Her mother was fat. Her dad too. They were very short French Canadians. OK, she'd met her great Aunt who only spoke French in London, Ontario once. She could see it clearly then, thats where her Mom got it from and she'd met a really short guy, her dad in college and supposedly it had been bliss ever since. Except, in her head, she thought of her dad screaming at her. Of course, none of this bothered her with Noel around.

Caitlin didn't want to date him. It was enough to have him around as an incentive to lose weight. And then it donned on her. Sammi. Maybe this was the guy for Sammi.


ellie said...

Oh, Caitlin. Its hard to know what to say when a person is that way.

ivy's closet said...

hmmm..I dunno. Just let Sammi find her own guy or whatever.

better days said...

Oh, signals could get all crossed here.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Sometimes it's better to let people find their own mates, I think. :/