Thursday, November 25, 2010

not always

Smed was no fun on the flight. Megan should have expected that.

"See, you survived." Mainly, on ginger ale and drooling on her shoulder while he slept. But still they made it  in time, in spite of the topsy turvy weather which left an icy tarmac.

Soon enough, Smed was in a tux. He looked good enough to eat. She had no idea he could really clean up that well. If he had it his way, he'd flounder in flannel and easy sweat pants.

But, it was so unexpected to see who Dolby's other best man was. There at the church.

At first Megan couldn't look at him straight. But then she did. It was Craig. She felt ill then. Kind of dizzy. Totally, miserable to know that he was Dolby's new best friend. He worked with Craig.

Oh, the laughter in the air. It was so comfortable. For everyone but Megan.

Craig caught up with her in the warm vestibule. Naturally, he gave her a long look. Before she knew it, he was hugging her, breathing her in. It was like she remembered when it was good. But how could it be? No, she pulled herself away. She pushed him off her. There eyes locked. She so wanted to give him a punch where it hurt. But she wouldn't give him the satisfaction. No words spoken. Just her little puffed frown. She hated him so much. She always would.

Megan walked away then to find her seat at the little church. She thought she might cry, and she did. She told Smed, later, that wedding always made her cry.


better days said...

what a shock for Megan.

Josie said...

Oh, dear -- poor Megan.
xo Josie

Berlin said...

That's no fun.

Cycling in the clouds,

She is Sara said...

Awww, poor meg! :(