Monday, November 1, 2010

nothing scary going on

Trick or treating came and went. And they'd stayed in, handed out candy in the neighborhood. Caitlin and Zeke got on at the assisted living home. Possibly it would be OK. Mainly, they helped at the dinner hall. It was usually, a four hour evening. Not bad. It fit perfectly in her schedule. And Zeke was a good people person. Not over the top. Just enough to let you know that you were glad he was there.

Still Sammi worried her.

"Are you sure you're all right?" She seemed to be dragging.

"Yeah. Why wouldn't I be?" Sammi seemed oblivious to the party now. Caitlin wondered if she'd remember Derrick.

"I'm really sorry about the party. I want you to meet someone, but you know...someone you have an interest with. Someone you really feel comfortable with." Mainly, Caitlin wanted her to focus on her studies. Of course, studying and being with Zeke, whole different story. What was it about him that made her want to forget reading? Maybe they shouldn't be sleeping together. No. No, she liked him there now. She did. She was so getting used to his ways. And how he was in the morning. They hadn't had a shower together in a while, but when they did, she knew she'd be ready for it now.

Caitlin could only hope that Derrick was a faded memory to Sammi. She really didn't want him showing up here.


ellie said...

Caitlin is really caring.

better days said...

She is a good friend to Sammi.

She is Sara said...

Caitlin is awesome :) I hope Derrick doesn't come around.

Panda! said...

aw. caitlin is so sweet.

ivy said...

I'm glad someone is watching out for Sammi. Maybe they all are.