Wednesday, November 3, 2010

what's to know

"So lets talk about you." Megan wasn't going to dare mention the party fiasco with Sammi. It was just she and Caitlin doing lunch. Of course, it was a cheap bean burrito and juice box she brought from home. But it was still lovely and warm out to enjoy autumn.

"Nothing to talk about." Caitlin ate a baby carrot.

"Oh, yes there is." Megan smiled all over.

"What? I'm still not sure what I'm doing at the nursing home. I just hand notes from some old woman to this old fart, so they can meet in the garden." Caitlin sighed.

"No, silly, you and Zeke. You two, enjoying that new bed?" Megan pursed her lips.

"Don't mention that bed. Any day now, my Dad is going to blow in here and...and be a butthead, I don't want to see." Caitlin tensed.

"Obviously, Zeke takes your mind off that." Megan almost giggled.

"What? Are you listening to us at night?" Caitlin winced.

"No. Of course, not." Megan fibbed. "You do have some fun with him, right?"

"Uh," A smile gave way on Caitlin's face. "He's so cute in bed."

"OK, I don't think I need to know anymore." Megan smirked as she went back to her burrito.

"No, seriously, does Smed ever-" Caitlin started.

"I am not telling you anything, about him. Really. I wouldn't." Megan winced. There were some secrets that needed to be kept.


ellie said...

I wonder why Caitlin said that..hahahaa..I really don't think it was to annoy Megan though.

ivy's closet said...

hmmm...I know my girlfriends don't like to talk about this stuff, but every now and then, they let something slip.

ayşegül said...

you win an award, visit me :D
love y ..:))

Meg said...

I like the bit about the nursing home people.

Berlin said...

Woo oo, will she spill the beans?
Thank you for your comment. To your question: Yes, I made the dress :)

You watched that Korean show too?

Pumpkins bobbing down the streets.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I don't think Caitlin meant anything by her comment. :/

Josie said...

Interesting -- although I don't think Caitlin meant anything by saying that.
xo Josie