Wednesday, December 15, 2010

around and around

"You know the ice skating rink is opened now." Logan felt he  might be laying down in a bean bag with Sammi as he was trying to give her a hard time about Gossip Girl. How it was practically the same story every week. Of course, she'd throw popcorn with him.

"So." She and her usual 'ugh' remarks. She really was hard to know, sometimes. Yet, if they did what ever she wanted, it was OK. He really felt he was being the nicer of the two.

"Would you want to go?" Now that would be a real date. That might  be something Chuck and what's her face might do on Gossip Girl. But then again, it would be like royalty. No one on the skating rink. In reality at the rink he and Sammi would go to, they would have to fight the little kids and show-offs. But it would be a date. Naturally, he'd have to borrow the car from his brother. It might be a headache. He couldn't tell Sammi this. But she was pretty much oblivious to what he said because, she was looking at  the rich guy on TV.

She didn't answer.

"You know, Blair wears way too much makeup. She's so over dressed. I like girls who don't have to dress up nor wear a face." He snidely remarked.

"What were you saying?" She gave him a harsh look then.

"You heard me." He gave her a glare right back. "Do you want to go skating or not."

"All right." She gave in as if there was nothing better to do.

Logan rolled his eyes. Wasn't she the one who started all this to begin with? Now he was the one who wanted to give her a swift kick in the shins.


ivy's closet said...

poor Logan..he's trying, but you never mess with Gossip Girl.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Boys should never interfere when a girl is watching Blair and Serena. :P

She is Sara said...

These two are so complicated.

Holly said...

I hope they will go easy on each other.

molly said...

Oh, they have to feel each other out. I suppose.

Josie said...

He's right; skating is most definitely a date!
xo Josie