Friday, December 31, 2010

change of plans

"Just great. Perfectly great." Caitlin hugged herself tight wondering what to do next with Noel.

First he acted like such a little kid in the kitchen with her. As they were following his grandmother's rum ball recipe that he had some how got a hold of. He made the balls while she melted the chocolate bark to coat the balls in. She'd catch him ever so often spiking his Pepsi with rum.

Then it didn't help that Megan was crazy mad about spiffing the livingroom up, thinking Christmas lights were the key to romance. Darkness and Christmas lights. She was sure it was a lovely effect.

"Why are you doing this?" Caitlin had said then thinking she would be the holder of the keys or something. There was a moment she was thinking of taking everyone's car keys and escaping somewhere on her own. A motel room, where she could be alone and thumb through the movie channels on the TV. She knew she could call and whine about it to Zeke, but she didn't. No, she'd manage through this. She'd grinded things together in the blender, for this cheese ball or that mixed drink.

Why did she have to the one who stayed sober? Well, Megan was living it up. As soon as Cho arrived, she cut into every conversation he might have going with Mia. That was when she found out who Mia was. Megan was pretty stupid about it. She didn't even listen to her.

It just got worse. Drink after drink, she watched. Finally, she made her own margarita. It wasn't bad. She was pretty good at this sort of thing. And it didn't even hit her. Actually. That she might be a little off. Heaven knows, not drunk. Not Caitlin.

Then Noel found his nitch at the piano. She had no idea he even played. But then again, she was dipping crunchy tortilla chips into her frozen margarita. That was pretty impressive too.

Of course, Megan got all worried at her obsession. And Caitlin had been worried Megan had had too much to drink. They got into an argument in the kitchen

"Why do you care, what I do?" It was only chips in her frozen margarita. She was tired of the bean dip.

The big thing happened with Sammi and Noel on the piano bench. Caitlin thought she might fall asleep with her eyes open. And then he was kissing Sammi.

Caitlin cringed. How could he? How could Noel, be doing that? And with Sammi, of all people? Caitlin squinted hard as if she might lose consciousness. But then she got up the courage to do it. She went over to Logan.

"We have to do something." She was very serious about this.

"Like what?" He gave her a serious look right back.

She took his hand and sighed. She sort of had a plan.

"Come with me." But she didn't jerk him toward his brother and Sammi making out at the piano. No, it was some place closer. The bathroom.


ellie said...

Caitlin? The last place I'd think of going.

Cafe Fashionista said...

A very strange destination indeed. :/

E.L. said...

Oh, Caitlin, if she only knew she was drunk.

Holly said...

Is she sure about this???