Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas plans

Zeke was still not sure how Christmas break would work out. The whole semester had gone by far too quickly. He could hardly believe it.

He liked his job. It was nice to see Caitlin at work too. Honestly, he could have worked through Christmas break, but he knew his mother would be very unhappy with him if he didn't come. And he was bringing Smed with him. Sheila's orders. Except, there was one catch. No girls on this trip. For one thing, his mom really didn't have the room, and she was still struggling with the fact he was living with a girl.

Yes, they'd had lots of phone calls about the matter than he'd somehow forgot as soon as he got off the phone with her.

"You're too young to be taking care of someone else. This is college. You have an obligation to your education." Oh she just couldn't help but remind him of this like a prayer. He had the words memorized now. He'd let her have her piece and get on with things. It was not going to change. And yet, he felt himself slipping into a sadness already. He would miss Caitlin terribly. But with the likes of Noel around, he didn't see her missing him at all. She had a way of not giving anyone attention, which made one work that much harder to get it. He doubted she knew was even like this. But she was pretty much sure she'd stay right here. She was making plans with Sammi and Megan, already.

He'd hear her say, "Oh, lets go rollerskating. I haven't been since eighth grade." They were all so giddy at the thought of Christmas, together. It bothered him, slightly. Didn't she want to see her family? He wanted to see his.

It didn't bother him so much that she'd most likely find some time to see Noel. Just this sad thought that she really didn't care much of her own family. How could they ever be ready for their own if they didn't like their parents?


She is Sara said...

wow, I wonder what this is going to lead to!

better days said...

I think they'd be lonely without the girls.

lucy and sarah said...

This'll be so different.

Jason laucht said...

hey thx for the comment <3
cute blog!

follow each?

molly said...

I dunno if they could stay away that long.

Berlin said...

I've stopped rollerskating since the place I go was closed down : (

On a bagel,