Monday, December 27, 2010

if that's not enough

"Oh, he's totally gay." Megan told Smed over the phone, but he could hardly hear for all the song and piano in the back ground. "You gotta see it." So she sent him a video right then of Noel doing the show tune.

"Meggie, you shouldn't be doing this." Smed felt bad about watching the scene. It was kind of funny, but then what would she be saying about him? How he flinched and ducked for cover through the whole movie of Black Swan. It was pure torture to sit through, but he had, because he promised Sheila he'd go.

He'd had better Christmases. Possibly. He certainly wasn't going to complain about it, but he hated sleeping on the top bunk in Zeke's room. He didn't know how many times he thought the might fall out of the bed. Thankfully, he hadn't. But they'd been nice to him. Even so, he felt like he'd been Sheila's new toy half the time. She wanted to do his hair, paint his nails. For a second there he thought he was going Emo.

"Its not like I'm shipping it to You Tube, you know." She was laughing. He didn't want to dare ask how much she'd had to drink. He wasn't going to bother to question her about Cho and this Mia. He kept listening to her laughter. He was missing the best party ever. Evidently.

Finally, he told her he had to go.

"What's happening?" Zeke asked him. He was in the kitchen making a peanutbutter sandwich for Smed. Really, he'd over done it on all the rich foods they had to offer. All he wanted was a sandwich and a tall glass of milk.

"Oh, Nolan's drunk and singing show tunes and Cho's there with this Mia." Smed slightly scowled.

"Mia?" Zeke didn't looked to please about that. "That's - that's the girl who trashed the place." Zeke glared at him as if someone needed to know this before it was too late. "That's Sammi's step-sister? Did she know about this?"

Smed just shrugged. It was news to him.


ellie said...

Oh, Smed. What a trooper. Megan, her observations. Interesting.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Megan always has the scoop it seems! :P

She is Sara said...

Mia! Ick! Hope Cho knows what he is in for!

izzy and dev said...

Oh no, not her again.

ivy said...

Looks like things could start breaking.