Monday, December 13, 2010

imagine that

"Wow." That was all Smed could find himself saying when he saw Sammi with a guy on the couch watching TV. Granted, they weren't making out, but they seemed kind of comfortable with each other. It seemed he was teasing her about someone they were watching on TV.

"When did that happen?" He found Caitlin in the kitchen. Of course, he hadn't said too much to her lately. Possibly, he was avoiding her, but Megan was still at work and he'd gotten off early. Just in time for Gossip Girl evidently.

"He's just a friend." Caitlin told him it wasn't serious. After all, she was looking after Sammi as if she were her little sister.

"Nice." He noticed all the cookies were gone. He looked at her then wondering if she'd say anything about before he left for Thanksgiving.

"You know, sometimes, I wish I'd just dated more. In high school." She shrugged as she went to dry another dish in the drainer.

"Yeah, I know what you mean." Smed slightly smiled. "But I didn't really have a job then and you know-"

"We should have hung out." Caitlin let slip.

"Oh." He wasn't even thinking about them. He grabbed a water in the fridge then. What were they talking about, exactly? Smed cleared his throat then. "I got some reading to do." He told her then as if they shouldn't stay in the same room, or...he closed his eyes then. Nothing would happen. Nothing would ever happen between them.


ellie said...

a bitter sweet moment.

Cafe Fashionista said...

A tough conversation for both of them. :/

She is Sara said...

I wonder if this will come up again?

ivy said...

I bet he'd be there if she needed him.

Berlin said...

This world is too small to avoid from someone :>

Riding a peanut,

Josie said...

It gets so tricky when they all see each other all the time!
xo Josie