Tuesday, December 21, 2010

in the grocery isle

Caitlin was a little bummed out. Zeke said they'd celebrate Christmas when they got back.

"Can you believe that?" She couldn't stop talking about it. She was at the grocery store with Megan who always found something to look at which wasn't a fruit or anything to do with food for the house.

"Just stop worrying, will you?" Naturally, she flew straight to the fashion magazines. Caitlin supposed she'd be on her own about getting what they needed. Which was a lot of fruit and veggies. She grabbed a bunch of broccoli and noticed Noel was grabbing a bag full of apples. He came over to see what she was up too.

"I have to figure out some sort of Christmas dinner. It'll be just us girls." She told him.

"I see." He nodded. "I take it, no Derrick?"

"No Derrick." She gave him a solid stare. She didn't want to relieve Thanksgiving.

"He was kind of funny." Noel gave her an open grin.

"Please, must we discuss him." Caitlin gave him a soured look.

"Whats wrong?" He winced.

"I used to date him." She finally admitted. "It sort of ended badly."

"It couldn't be that bad, could it?" He walked with her as she pushed the cart. Before she knew it, his apples were in the shopping basket.

"I dunno. He just gives off a bad vibe. I guess." She shrugged, yet she wondered what this was about.

"A bad vibe?" She could see he thought Derrick was harmless. She picked up some stuffing on sale. He grabbed some canned cranberries.

"You know what we should make?" Suddenly he was on a different subject when they went down the baking isle.

"What?" She looked at him wondering if he was moving in? Was he inviting himself over?

"Rum balls." He grinned. "My grandmother always made them."


ellie said...

This could definitely get interesting.

lucy and sarah said...

RUM BALLS..is he serious? Oh no.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Danger ahead. :/

Josie said...

The most interesting things happen in supermarket aisles, honestly.
xo Josie

She is Sara said...

It always gets interesting with rumballs. I wonder where this will lead to.