Thursday, December 23, 2010

it could be frightful

Well, of course, Megan was getting an assortment of lip gloss and eye-liners for Sammi and Caitlin. She'd gone off to Christmas shop. She'd found some cute insulated lunch bags and had decided to fill them with cheap thrills. But who didn't love makeup and nail polish.

However, she looked up when she heard a familiar voice. It was Cho and some fancy faced girl who looked like she'd just came from the beach. All tanned, a ring on every finger. Megan naturally scowled. She didn't like this one bit. Really, she felt she needed to save Cho from something. She just wasn't sure what.

"Well, hello stranger." Megan called to him.

"Meg." He looked stunned as if she'd completely caught him off guard. She gave him a hug as if he had a girlfriend on every isle just waiting for him. But he introduced her to the sun tanned Barbie.

"This is a Mia." He told her. "We go way back. She's visiting."

"Oh." Megan just smiled. "Well, you two should come over. Christmas eve. We'll have a blast. Seriously."

"OK." He looked like he might take her up on the offer. Megan kept smiling as they walked away, wondering how in the hell could they throw a party on such short notice.


Anonymous said...

Amazing story! Keep up the good work!!


lucy and sarah said...

How does she do it?

ellie said...

wow, a party.

better days said...

I'm just not sure if a party is a thing to do.

better days said...

Oh, this could be trouble.

Holly said...

Is she really up for a party?

Berlin said...

Ooh, I wonder whether he's hiding anything.

Potatoes singing,

Josie said...

Well, this will be interesting.
xo Josie

Anna G said...

So interesting! Merry Christmas! XOXO