Saturday, December 11, 2010

more clearly now

Sammi marched right back to that library with the cookies. OK, she didn't march quite like Caitlin told her too. More hurried. It was cold out, and it looked like snow any minute.

There he was at that table. His table, she supposed. He was always there.

"Do you want these?" Caitlin said to ask questions.

"Did you poison them?" He looked straight at her.

"I'm sorry." She said ever so carefully as she thought through the next step. "Could you take a break, have some coffee?"

He shut his book then as if maybe he'd take her up on the peace offering. They walked to the Student Center then.

She asked him about his major. Of course, it was undeclared. Then she got an earful about how his best friend from high school already got an internship in London at some music place.

She guessed she'd have to put up with this obsessing about himself. It was unnerving. She thought of Derrick and his on going one act. Sammi thought Logan would be different.

"I just feel stupid, OK." He finally admitted after putting one more sugar in his creamed coffee. "I keep wondering, how long do I have to keep studying..if..if I ever get a lucky break." He pressed his lips tight. "Sorry, didn't mean to ramble." He sighed. "Actually, I've been wanting to talk to someone, in forever. I just..I just don't talk to my brother."

Sammi smiled.

"So, why didn't you two go home for Thanksgiving?" She was still shocked she was here talking to him without making an ass out of herself, like she seemed to around Smed.

"Our folks are getting a divorce. Noel didn't want us taking sides. He didn't want us to split up, either." It was easy to see that Logan thought a lot of his brother.

"Well, I'm glad you came." She hoped he didn't dissect that sentence too much. She almost choked on her cookie thinking it could possibly be subliminal. But she saw he was more worried if she was OK. Sammi smiled. It was good to have someone to talk too.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm glad Sammi has someone right now. :)

better days said...

Cool, they found each other.

lucy and sarah said...

He needed someone to talk too.

ivy's closet said...

Good, they are talking. Finally.

Josie said...

I'm glad she has someone to chat with!
xo Josie