Saturday, December 25, 2010

not alone

Logan was full steam ahead on this skate date. It was lovely out. But cold. Awfully cold.

He'd been coached by his brother how he could obtain what he wanted tonight with Sammi, if he just believed. Well, after ten minutes of listening to his brother telling him how to be a good listener, Logan decided his brother was a load of crap. He didn't see his brother having a girlfriend. Now did he?

As it was, he felt he'd taken a 6 year old to the skating rink. Also there were a lot of six year olds there with their Dads, so the competition wasn't exactly fierce. But still he had to lace up Sammi's boots tight. She just looked at him as if she were in a daze.

"You're sure, you, are all right?" He stared at her. She kind of nodded.

"Well, OK, lets do this." He grinned as if they were about to go out and do Ice Skating with the Stars. They might have been almost as graceful. He had played ice hockey before when he was about 8. So it was a careful walk out on the ice.

Sammi didn't look too happy. But he pulled her along, beating his blade into the ice..chop chop chop...and on they went into the bitter cold. He looked back to see her head was down. Finally, with all his force he swung her around..and around and around they went. He saw that odd look on her face and she said something.

"What?" Logan winced hard with a yelp. He held on to her.

"Don't let go..." He thought he heard her say.

"I never thought you'd ask." He laughed. Her hair was in her face, but he picked up the pace and pushed her along. They were going to go completely around this rink, or else. It was finally ..or else. Somewhere in the middle of the rink, he hit a bump and went flying. Sammi had let go, and Logan hit the ice on his butt. So for the next five minutes which felt like an hour, he struggled to find a way out of that rink. This meant being on his knees for a few minutes, just to get to Sammi, and while he was almost up when she grabbed his hands, she slipped and her skate nicked him in the lip.

"I think I've had enough." He said once they made it to the bench. At least she had something for his lip in her bag.

"I should have taken pictures." She'd forgotten all about her camera.

"Yeah, you should have." Seriously, he was rethinking the whole girlfriend thing. It was really too much trouble. He was in a sweat, and he was vowing never to suggest anything, ever again. Only she surprised him. She kissed him on the other corner of his mouth where he didn't get cut.

"I think they're having a party at the house." Sammi then smiled.

"Why are we here?" Why hadn't she said anything? So they got out of the skates quickly as possible, they went back to Sammi's.

When they got there, he could hear a piano playing. He didn't even know there was a piano at the house. He didn't remember one, but there it was in the livingroom.

" music?" He was impressed.

"Baby I'm not alone
Cause you're here with me
And nothing's ever gonna take us down
Cause nothing can keep me from lovin' you
And you know it's true
It don't matter what'll come to be
Our love is all we need to make it through.."

Logan looked at Sammi when he saw who was playing the piano. No, it wasn't Darren Criss singing his song from A Very Harry Potter musical. Just his brother singing as if he thought he was in the musical.

"Shit," Logan winced. "He's drunk. He always sings show tunes when he drunk." How would he ever make him stop?


lucy and sarah said...

wow, what a night skating. what a brother too.

ellie said...

Merry Christmas! Love that song!

better days said...

What a day!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ah, I love skating around the holidays!! :)

izzy and dev said...

So hope they have some fun, still.

She is Sara said...

It seemed to have ended on a better note! I am happy for them :)

Berlin said...

Skating is so much fun! Though.. I don't really know how to stop so I go slower when there are many people lol.