Thursday, December 9, 2010

not a real frenzy

"What happened exactly?" Caitlin could see Sammi was not exactly in a good mood after she got back from the library.

"Absolutely nothing." She was moody and possibly a little angry.

"But you got some studying done?" Of course, Caitlin didn't know why she didn't stay here. She had a room to study in. It wasn't noisy here. It was a very good place to study.

"I didn't go there to study." Sammi finally admitted after she put her pink mini laptop down. "I've been waiting all sit by him..and..and he doesn't even know who I am."

"You mean Logan?" Caitlin winced.

She nodded. Caitlin blew out a breath. She went to the kitchen then. She'd gone crazy making cookies. Now she felt like giving the sugar cookie Santas away. She was staying out of it. Whatever happened happened.

"He won't talk to me." Sammi told her.

"Did you talk to him?" Caitlin couldn't imagine it being a crime of some sort by the way Sammi was acting.

She shrugged.

"You can't get by making faces at him. Only in a French film. Not in reality. You have to find something to talk about. Ask him questions." Caitlin handed over a baggie of sugar coated Santas. "Give him some of these, too."


better days said...

Oh, Caitlin is a good listener

simon and josh said...

You can't get by ..making faces at him..I liked that.

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

lovely writing x hivennn.

She is Sara said...

lol Caitlin is such a sweetheart.