Monday, January 17, 2011

it could happen

Megan was suspicious the second she knew Caitlin was sick.

"I have a pregnancy test, right here." Megan shoved the thin box to Caitlin. They were in Caitlin and Zeke's room. Caitlin sat there on the bed as if she might be in another world, thick with turmoil.

"What? No." She looked at Megan, miserably.

"Just do it, before you drive yourself crazy." Megan set down next to her. "Have you guys been taking any precautions?"

"Yes." Caitlin scowled. She looked over the box. "How old is this thing?" She looked at Megan then.

"God, why would you ask?" Megan thought that was beside the point. She kept things like this on hand, just because. She pressed her lips tight. "OK, seriously, I was thinking maybe if I had a baby I could..could, you know, get money to go to school on."

"Are you?" Caitlin looked at Megan as if she was the one who should be worried. Not her.

"No. I didn't even go off the pill." Megan sighed. "I can barely take care of myself. Why would I want a baby?"

Caitlin was quiet then.

"You're not on the pill? The patch? Something?" Megan couldn't help but stare at her. Why hadn't they had they had this conversation long before now?

Caitlin shook her head, no. Tears welled up in Caitlin's eyes.

"Christ." Megan sighed.

Just then Zeke opened the door.

"What are you guys doing?" He asked. He'd just gotten back from his afternoon class and came in to get ready for work.

"Nothing." Caitlin looked at him and shoved the box back to Megan.

"She's got the bug." Megan put the box behind her back as she got ready to leave. "Trust me, you don't want what she has."

Caitlin looked at her wide eyed.

"But then again, maybe you do." Megan slightly smiled as she hid the box from him. "You guys like to share everything." Megan left before she could get Caitlin's reaction.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Megan shouldn't be acting so snarky at a time like this. :/

ellie said...

Megan can be such a snot.

cait said...

I'm not sure just how helpful Megan is at the moment.

Josie said...

Megan is hardly being supportive...
xo Josie

Berlin said...

Wow, if I fall on my bed and go into another universe.. that's cool.

Rolling around,

heath and nick said...

oh..things are not good...

It's a Girl said...

Sassy Megan. I really wished that Caitlin would just not be afraid to see if she was pregnant or not. I mean the sooner, the better, right? I just figured it would be good to be prepared for life's little surprises. Good luck to her. Though I can see where this is heading.