Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oh, a tale or two

"I don't know what to think," Smed said to June.

His face looked so long and thin and really quite sad. So sad. Not a smile, anywhere. She hadn't seen him in weeks.

She set out a bowl of spicy soup for him.

"It couldn't be that bad." June tried to help understand what he said. It wasn't that Megan was really hiding anything from him, now was she?

"Well, what..what if she decides she wants Joseph Gordan Levitt's baby..and that Cho is her only hope." He scowled more and looked even more miserable than when he got here.

June laughed at him.

"Is that a joke?" She shook her head as she got out the butter for the french bread, but he'd already dipped the dry bread in the hot soup and was stuffing it in his mouth.

"God, I want to trust her, I really do, but-but what if I'm not even in the plan...I'm just something on the side?" He shoveled in the vegetables now. He even found the chunks of beef. He stopped chewing and stared at June. "I thought you two were vegetarian?"

"Oh, she's gone. Went to France this semester." June smiled.

"France?" Smed winced.

"Yes, the only way to be fluent, I hear." She nodded. She got up to get herself some coffee.

Smed went back to the food. He ate as if he had been starved for some time now.

"Listen, don't let the past get you down. Give Meg a break." June was serious then.

"But why..why would she have it?" He pulled the box from his coat pocket and put it on the table. "She's on the pill." He dropped the spoon in the bowl then as if he were more than done. His stare worried June a little. "God, why, why am I such a fucking idiot?"

"Besides, Cho's gay." June sighed.

Smed just stared at June. He didn't say another word, but drank the glass of milk she got him that he hadn't gotten too.


Berlin said...

Always try to see the bright side : )


She is Sara said...

It seems like there is always so much uncertainty between those two. Cho is a cuuuuute gay guy too lol.

ellie said...

Oh, well..that changes everything.

Cafe Fashionista said...

That's a unique way of breaking the news - simply blurt it out. :P

cady said...

"Well, what..what if she decides she wants Joseph Gordan Levitt's baby..and that Cho is her only hope."

I laughed so hard at that.

June seems sweet, fixing him soup and bread and everything.

Josie said...

Who DOESN'T want to have Joseph Gordan Levitt's baby? That's the real question.
xo Josie

Em [the writer] said...

Awww Keir Gilchrist is on here :)

Joseph Gordon-Levit <3 That made me smile.

lucy and sarah said...

Hopefully, he can make up with Megan.

Meg said...

Hopefully they can make up.