Tuesday, January 11, 2011

on a cold snowy day

Smed supposed they made it home... just in time for another snow storm. They'd some how missed the worst of it when they left for winter break. He was thankful, he and Zeke hadn't had to sleep in the car. They might have seen each others true colors for sure then.

But they were back and within a day or so, the city were blasted with a huge snow storm. It was as if an iceberg had landed on the neighborhood. It was a fresh crisp white, yet frigid and waiting for a disaster to happen.

"We should just stay in bed." Megan tried her best to convince him. After all, classes were canceled. No one was going anywhere.

"There is always snow to shovel." And it was better to do it sooner than later..when the winds turned to below zero windchills. Then they could stay in bed.

"You would think of that." So Megan went to the kitchen to start some potato soup before he could ask her to think about making soup.

He bundled up, wrapped the flannel scarf, Sheila had given him, along with just about every Christmas present he got that might have to do with bad weather. Even the crocheted beanie that June had made for him..and set out to shovel the driveway. It wasn't long until Zeke joined him. They worked on the sidewalks. Before he knew it, they were helping the old man next door with his snow blower. It needed a little fixing and Smed couldn't say how he exactly fixed it, but he was happy that he did, so he could work the machine for the old man. There was just a certain gratification in seeing the work done because the City snow plows hadn't came around, and it looked like the neighborhood might be part of the arctic circle.

"Hey, when are you coming in?" Megan came out in the cold just in her gray cashmere robe over her flannel jammies. Her bunny slippers were almost in the snow.

 "All right. I'm coming." He sighed. Zeke stayed behind. Megan had hot chocolate waiting with Cool Whip on top.

Smed smiled. Just what he was waiting for. He unraveled the cold and left the snow melting on his snowboots at the back door.

"I thought you would have texted me by now." He teased as he grabbed a sugar cookie from the kitchen counter.

"I did." She came up from behind him and put her arms around him. "But you never texted back." She pressed against his back as he took to the snack before him.

Smed nodded as he sipped his hot chocolate, but she did hold on tight. Not that he minded.

"I just wanted to get the driveway cleared." He said, as if it was sort of an apology.

"You cleared everyone's drive way. Practically." She hugged him more.

"It was fun.' He smiled.

"The things you find fun." She whispered in his ear.

"I'll do fun things with you." He sighed with a smile, but he was going to finish this hot chocolate and another cookie. After all, he had worked up an appetite.


better days said...

He's the sweetest. I think she knows it too.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Awww...they are too cute together!! :)

lucy and sarah said...

I loved that at the end what he said with to her.

molly said...

She better hang on to him. They don't make'm like this often.

ivyoaks said...

she better be good to him!

Josie said...

They. Are. Adorable. I love it!
xo Josie

ellie said...

I can just picture his smile..hehehee..