Saturday, January 29, 2011

so much more than a phone call

Logan felt a little uneasy lying to Natalie when Sammi called that night. He told her his mother texted and he had to take it.

It was good to hear Sammi's voice. He wouldn't dare mention it, but he did miss her. She sounded pretty down about being in the middle of if all. Megan and Smed's fight.

"You sound like a referee or something." He couldn't help but make light of it, stretching out on the plaid comforter of his little half bed in the dorm.

"Megan is scary." Sammi told him.

"No she isn't." He begged to differ. "Not that I want to date her, or anything." He quickly said as he was laying there on his stomach, slinging his legs about as he were perfectly happy having this conversation with Sammi.

" how Natalie?" Sammi got around to asking.

His legs came to a halt.

"Nat? Oh, you know her?" It hadn't really clicked. It wasn't like he and Natalie sat around talking about Sammi.

"We met on my first day here." Sammi told him.

"Huh." Well, did they have to talk about her? Really? They'd just met. It wasn't like they were having a torrid love affair. They'd gone to some Spanish movie together and Watership Down. Free movies. It was nothing. But of course, he felt a bit on pins and needles around her. He wasn't quite himself yet. Not like with Sammi. Actually, he didn't care what he said to Sammi, anymore. They were just friends.

"I wished you lived here." She said as if it had been on her mind for a long time.

"Oh yeah?" He smiled at that. "We should do our laundry sometime, together." He teased.

"You want too?" She asked.

"No." He didn't want anyone seeing his undies. He turned on his back then. Laying came to him, this had been a big fat mistake. Not with Sammi. But Natalie. "We should just hang out...sometime." He let out a breath. He dreamed of her in her pink panties and white ribbed tank. Right here. Right now with him. A silly smile grew across his face. What if they could be friends..with benefits? It filled him up with laughter. She wanted to know what was so fun.

It was a sweet moment that passed too quickly. Logan knew he could never talk her in to it.


ellie said...

Oh..what is gonna happen here?

molly said...

huh, I wonder what he wants, exactly?

Lux and Stan said...

It could be trouble.

cady said...

Seems like the sweet moments always pass too quickly.

Holly said...

So now he wants Sammi.

ivy said...

oh, now he might be in a fix.

Yesha said...

Oh, why didn't i know about this story. Need to keep up. Lol.

Cafe Fashionista said...

This makes me uneasy. :/

Meg said...

I'm not a fan of Logan. Seems like a player or something.

She is Sara said...

Logan is sometimes sweet, but then again... I don't know. I think Sammi needs to find someone who is willing to be a good friend to her, she has been through a lot.