Sunday, January 9, 2011

taking a whirl

Logan had decided...he'd take the plunge. Well, not with the Polar Bear club, but on the dating game. Sort of. He needed to put himself out there. And the thing to do was to go to the Campus Library speed date. Noel had talked about it weeks ago, but he didn't show up. He wasn't showing his face around, these days. He'd gone back to school and dug deep into his studies as if that was the answer to everything. He didn't talk about his escapade at Megan's party.

As it was, Logan had butterflies in his stomach. It felt worse than getting ready for the SAT's. He felt faint, in fact. But he saw all the girls lining up. All shapes and sizes getting out of their parkas. Most were just in their flannel pajama pants and tanks. It wasn't exactly a fashion show. But he wasn't much better. He had on his Big Lebowski shirt and favorite slouchy jeans.

Before he knew it, he was seated and he got to ask a question. "What do you do on snowy nights?"

"Why things like this, you dufus," The redhead said. She seemed a bit older than him. Sure of herself. He kept staring at the pimple on her cheek and wondered if his brother would ask her out. Logan took a deep breath.

"What were you like when you were seven?" She asked him.

"Um, I played DOOM." Logan shrugged. These were just stupid questions. Nothing was clicking.

Next came the olive skinned girl with the dark hair in one long braid. She looked fit yet sweet.

"I love to run." She smiled. Immediately, Logan thought of Noel. She'd be perfect for him.

"My brother loves to run too." Logan smiled. This was going better, he thought...except they were talking about Noel, not him.

"What about you? Do you play any sports?" Her dark eyes lit.

"Not really." Athletics really wasn't his game. He sighed. Suddenly, he was feeling low. He felt so generic.

He went on to the next and the next. Logan hated this game. It felt empty and useless. They were wanting to have dream date, not something like him.

Then there was the girl with the mousy hair. She made him think of Caitlin, a little. But he didn't want to go there. Looks were deceiving. Anyway, she was a freshman too. Her smile was genuine that she let slip at the end. She talked about how hard it had been, fitting in.

Logan smiled. He knew just how she felt.


ellie said...

Maybe he found someone.

better days said...

I'm wondering how this will turn out.

ivy said...

Oh, Logan..I hope it works out for him.

molly said...

He is a good guy.

Berlin said...

A newbie that's gonna be part of the game?


Cafe Fashionista said...

He deserves someone great. :)

ivy's closet said...

I like the new colors and header.