Sunday, January 2, 2011

what can you do in a bathroom

"Ow.." Logan wasn't sure he knew what they were doing there in the bathroom. He stared at the half melted candle in the jar on the candle warmer. It smelled of fresh linens. Kind of. He kept staring at it, wondering why it hadn't been lit. Then as Caitlin devoured his mouth more, he guessed the house might be on fire by now if the wick was burning.

And yes, things were on fire. Caitlin. He edged to the door and bumped his head. He felt her fingers on him. He blinked. What was going on? Yet a part of him wanted to go with it. He just did because who knew when something this fascinating might ever happen in his life. She wanted him. She really did.

Of course, he knew she must be drunk. He got a hold of her shoulders then and pushed her back.

"Hey, listen to me!" But she was pushing him back as if she had other plans. Unbuckling his belt, pressing on. He pushed back, harder. This was like his football tryout his sophomore year. Well, no one was trying to get in his pants then, but this resistance was just as hard. "LISTEN!" He pulled her hair then as if that might wake her up. "You've got a boyfriend. Caitlin, you've got a boyfriend." But he felt her fingers under his shirt. He had a pretty good idea where this was going.  Wouldn't he be an idiot, if he didn't -

He grabbed her wrist then, twisted it. See, who was going to be in more trouble now? Some how he came around her. His heart beat pulsed tight, and he had her tight in his arms as if maybe..maybe reality might sink in, but it might take a while...which meant sitting on the commode lid, holding Caitlin.

"I'm so mad at them. I'm mad." He managed to figure out her mumbling. "Aren't you mad?"

He wasn't thinking about his brother and Sammi. Not exactly. He would just somehow be the stronger one. Wait it out. Wait it out with Caitlin. But he felt a tear almost surface on the top lid of his right eye. A part of him felt he could run miles tonight. Another part felt he had ran miles tonight. But he would not be weak. He would not be weak.


better days said...

I like Logan.

She is Sara said...

Logan is such a good guy! Poor Caitlin :(

ellie said...

wooo..a terrible situation. but I'm glad he didn't take advantage of her.

ori said...

What a situation. But Logan handled it well.

Berlin said...

What a D-A-N-G-E-R-O-U-S call!


Josie said...

Oh, dear. Poor Logan -- what a doll.
xo Josie