Monday, January 31, 2011

what not to think

Now that they knew for sure, about the pregnancy, what was next?

Caitlin cried like a baby when they told her at the clinic it was true. Zeke just hugged himself. He didn't think it was the worst news, but obviously she did.

"But you're OK with an abortion?" Smed looked at him as if he knew exactly who wore the pants in the relationship.

"I dunno." Zeke felt the life had been taken from him. He felt as if he were dying here. He was doing his best to be supportive. "She's just kind of shaky about it." He shrugged.

Smed had made him an egg sandwich for breakfast, but he just couldn't eat it.

"I'm sorry, really. You know, I get it. She's always so organized about everything. I'm sure this is really the last thing, either of you expected." Smed poured himself another cup of coffee.

"You and Megan get through whatever it was, that was going on?" Zeke asked before he attempted the sandwich.

Smed nodded as if she'd been right. He'd been wrong.

"I feel whatever I do, or what ever I say, I'm just criminal. That's all there is to it." He finally admitted. He took another bite of the crunch toast and the yolk spilled down his finger tips. He thought of the baby then. He put down the sandwich and went to wash his hands.

"You shouldn't feel bad about being anyone's father." Smed told him. "You'll make a great Dad. I know it in my heart, you'll be amazing. When ever you decide to do it."

Zeke looked at Smed. Truly, he thought Smed would be the most natural when it came to fatherhood.


Josie said...

What a difficult situation for them all.
xo Josie

ellie said...

That would a hard for both of them. Zeke and Caitlin.

cady said...

Maybe he will and maybe he won't. I suppose it all depends on whether she decides to keep that baby or not.

lucy and sarah said...

Time will definitely tell.

She is Sara said...

I hope they keep the baby, I think he would be a great Dad too!

molly said...

It'll take time to get used too. Hopefully, not too much time.

ivy said...

I think they'll be OK. I hope.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I think that, with time, he will come to accept the facts and make a fabulous father! :)

Through My Eyes said...

I hope an abortion is out of the question here. I mean, what did that baby ever do to you, aside from the fact of full-blown responsibility. I don't know much about Smed, but he seems like he can take on the responsibility