Friday, February 4, 2011

couldn't it be this way

"So." Sammi felt stuck on the word So, when she saw Natalie at the Student Center. "How? How is everything with you..and what's his face." She could barely to say his name. Logan.

"Oh, you know." She was smiling, but not really smiling. "I think..there might be someone else." She hugged her books close.

"Someone else?" Sammi couldn't imagine who.

"Somebody, he went to high school with." Natalie shrugged.

"Oh." Well, maybe there was.

"He says, he was badly hurt when he got dumped, and well, I dunno if he's really over her, you know." Natalie went on to get in line for a sandwich and hot tea. Sammi followed her.

"Just tell him to stop talking about her, that..that you don't want to hear about that." Sammi thought she should nip this in the bud before it was too late.

"I can't do that." Natalie winced slightly, even if she were smiling. Always that perky smile of hers. Sammi really wished she'd stop it.

They sat down at a table. Before Sammi knew it, she had Noel bumping his tray into hers as he sat down with them. She introduced him to Natalie. He was all Mr. Friendly today. She had to wonder if he was on something.

"Hey, we should all hang out sometime." He said between moments with his burger.

"We'd have to ask Logan." Sammi looked at him. "Natalie is going out with your brother."

"Really?" He looked at Natalie as if that was fascinating news. "Well, just you and me, we should hang out then." He grinned at Sammi.

"God, I'm like on overload with all my classes." She felt uncomfortable suddenly.  They had kissed before, but he'd been drunk then and she wasn't sure if she really wanted to relive that anytime soon. "Can't."

"Come on, you and me, this weekend." He nudged her arm.

"I don't think so." She shook her head.

"Hey, maybe we could all go to a  movie together. It could be a double date." Natalie smiled as if it would be perfect. She knew where all the free movies were showing on campus.

Sammi lost her appetite. She sucked on her chocolate shake. If it didn't give her a headache, she was sure a double date with these two and Logan would.


cady said...

There's her excuse right there: "Can't go. I have a bad headache."

ellie said...

one problem after another.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Sounds like a night full of nightmares if you ask me. :/

better days said...

Aw..poor Sammi.

Aury said...

Urggh!!! Don't you just love that queasy feeling you get when you know something is about to go terribly horribly wrong. Cos I feel like that's what she has right now.

Through My Eyes said...

Wow, I never realized what creeps "Natalie's" can be. It's a good thing I steer clear of those girls. Seems that Sammi is caught in a sticky situation. I hate the whole "status of a relationship" deal anyways. I wish that for once things could just be, that would definitely help Sammi right now.

Berlin said...

Ups and downs of life :>


She is Sara said...

Oh how awkward! And Sammi is finally starting to make friends too.

Yesha said...

Haha. Really an awkward moment. For me. :))