Thursday, February 24, 2011

give and take

"Well, I want to go." Megan chimed in.

"But you're not." Smed reminded her. They were in the kitchen, putting the last of the cereal and breakfast things away before they left for the day.

"But..but we've never gone anywhere by train?" She looked at him as if he never wanted them to go away, anywhere.

"OK, is it the fact they are going without you? A trip home. Or, just the idea of going somewhere on a train?" He leaned at the kitchen counter, watching her braid her hair into a mess. Next thing she knew, he was braiding it for her.

"I guess I want to travel." She finally shrugged.

"And do we seriously, have any money for travel?" He reminded her that they weren't exactly saving up for a trip. Anywhere.

She let out a breath. It was as if he could easily burst her bubble. After all, he was the practical one. She stomped off.

"Everything is getting so expensive. Food. Gas. Lodging." He kept up with her. He was right. Always right. She bit her upper lip. How could she stop wanting to so much?

He snapped her back to reality when he took her hand. Smed wanted to show her something. It was out back. Not so far from the house. it looked like a wooden box on the ground with a thick glass shield over it. He opened. Something was sprouting inside.

"The lettuce didn't survive, but we have spinach," Smed said.

"Where did this come from?" She'd never noticed it before.

"I found it. Months ago." He told her. "It was kind of messed up, but it didn't take much to fix it. Somebody was throwing it away. Its a cold frame."

Megan gave him a kiss on the cheek. Smed was so good to figure it all out. He really was looking at the big picture. She would just try harder to see the world the way he did, but it was so hard trying to know the differences between her wants and needs.


Through My Eyes said...

I don't blame Megan for wanting to go somewhere or at least travel. She is lucky to have Smed. I honestly don't know what she would do if she didn't have him, well her money would be gone for sure.

ellie said...

I think our significant others can influence us and not even know it. And I have a feeling Smed has no idea he influences her at all.

Holly said...

Maybe they are better now.

molly said...

I hope they can compromise.

Josie said...

Smed is a rockstar. I love the kid.
xo Josie

Cafe Fashionista said...

Smed seems so clueless sometimes; nevertheless, I adore him!! :)

hollyoaks fan fic said...

Oh, they are the ying and yang..I suppose. I guess opposites do attract.