Wednesday, February 16, 2011

no saints needed

"What? You're not making Valentines with anyone tonight?" Derrick smiled when he saw Sammi. Actually, it was too cold to be suave. He was bundled up in his earflapped hat and cordory parka with the artifical sheep skin on the inside.

"Nope, just breaking hearts," she told him.

"I was never much for Valentines day, anyway." He sighed as they walked in the cold then. "I would never buy into that shit."

"Its always a sad story with you, Derrick." Sammi informed him. They were shoulder to shoulder. And she wasn't drunk. Neither was he.

"Are you mocking me?" Possibly, she was just a smart mouth because her mouth was rather smart, he felt.

"Quite possibly." She shrugged.

"You know, you really are at your best at two in the morning." His grin was open, but he kept his hands in his coat.

"So what have you been doing?" She had to ask.

"Nothing really. Killing time." He shrugged. "How about you?"

"I'm in the way, mostly. I tend to do that, even when I don't know it." She nodded.

"And?" He looked at her.

"Its just awkward." She looked sad as if nothing was working out.

"It really wouldn't be that awkward with me." Derrick looked at her as if the jackal had met its prey. Perhaps there was a goddess of love who felt sorry for him tonight. Whatever, he could definitely deal with this.


Josie said...

Hmmm... Wonder where this is going.
xo Josie

She is Sara said...

Things might be looking up for Sammi finally!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Maybe this is the start of something amazing for the both of them! :)

molly said...

I hope she knows what she's doing.

ellie said...

I am wondering where this'll go.

E.L. said...

This definitely could be trouble.

Cait said...

I just hope Sammi won't regret this.