Thursday, February 10, 2011

starring Megan

Smed couldn't stop smiling. He felt a little drunk too. The fact remained...the nerdy guys he worked with thought Megan was HOT.

Of course, the party had actually been sketchy skits from Starwars. Possibly and improv of some sort that you were either into or not. Megan did her best to please her audience. And he was her Luke Skywalker which consisted of a white karate outfit and snowboots.

But they made it home a little after midnight. Of course, Megan was still playing her part.

"Luke, I am your LOVER." Maybe she was Darth Vader now.

"Leia is Luke's sister." Smed fell on the bed laughing. "Didn't you ever see the movies?"

"What?" She didn't think he was funny as she toppled over him on the bed.

"Never mind." He hadn't meant to spoil the moment. He was glad they'd made up. Of course, it was more of forgetting the bad moment, than anything.

He held her close, thinking he could fall asleep with her in his arms. But a part of him couldn't stop thinking about Caitlin and Zeke. Then he wondered how Megan would be if she were ever pregnant. He wanted her to be happy. He kissed her forehead then. Yes, he could certainly sleep in his clothes tonight.


Cafe Fashionista said...

After the Caitlin and Zeke debacle, I think it's better if they slow things down a bit. :/

ellie said...

That is so opposite they really are, and yet they are good together.

lucy and sarah said...

Smed I think would love her, even if she wasn't hot to his friends.

Holly said...

I'm glad they made up. Just hope she'll know what a good thing she has.

Josie said...

Glad they made up -- but they seem to be going a bit fast.
xo Josie

Through My Eyes said...

I am glad that they made up, but then again there has to be some sort of conflict they are quite different.