Sunday, February 20, 2011

taking a winding road

Sammi didn't bother to wake Logan. She was too tired to even think why he might be here. If she'd thought about it, she might be mad at him. As it was. She crawled under the covers and tried her best not think why she'd ended up with Derrick. But this was how it went with Derrick....

For starters, he talked way to much. And he loved that he had her attention. This seemed to take hours to endure. He wanted to get coffee, which she suppose could have kept her awake. Only, it didn't.

Finally, she said. "You know, you might be married by now if you just shut up, half the time."

"Are you arguing with me?" He got defensive.

"NO." She looked at him point blank. "I'm just telling you that a girl, female, like me, doesn't like to hear a guy talk about himself, nonstop. And you do, Derrick. You never shut up."

"Oh." He was quiet then.

"I might actually, like you." She shrugged. "But, you act like you know everything. And..and you make me feel all the more inferior. Its suppose to be an equal kind of thing, don't you think? You're suppose to help each other. Be a good listener.  You know, where you actually, enjoy..something..together."

"Why are you telling me, all of this?" Derrick winced, there at the all night diner.

"I dunno. Maybe..maybe I feel we are a lot alike. And, and, we can't give anything a chance, because ...we're stuck." Her coffee was getting cold and the waitress warmed it up.

"Stuck?" She didn't expect him to get it.

"Oh, you want somebody sucked into your little world, and you can't even get out of it, yourself, Derrick. What makes you think someone would want to be there with you?" She had no idea where she got the idea to tell him all this.

He looked at her a little worried with a hard wince. Perhaps she'd cut him down harsher than she meant too.

"You're gonna make somebody a great boyfriend." She got up then and decided she'd do what she'd always wanted to do to him. Mess his curls up. "Just not me."

As she laid there next to Logan who was taking all her covers, she knew that wasn't exactly what she was going for when she met Derrick. Really, she thought she was ready. Ready to do that thing everyone had already done. Give it up to Derrick. But the more he talked, the less she listened. She kept thinking of Logan. And here he was now.

Sammi hugged her pillow. Maybe they hadn't completely given up on each other yet.


Lux and Stan said...

I'm glad she put Derrick in his place. Maybe she did him a favor.

better days said...

I was so sure..something else was gonna happen.

lucy and sarah said...

I'm glad she feels comfortable around him.

Aury said...

I wish I had her guts ...

Also, you can watch being erica on hulu. It's amazing and there's a link to it on my blog post :D

Josie said...

She's so bold. Love it.
xo Josie

Cafe Fashionista said...

Sammi is one gutsy girl! :)

Through My Eyes said...

I love the fact that Sammi is trying to tell Derrick he needs to learn to shut his mouth and he gets all defensive, I guess it was about time someone told him what was up.

cait said...

I'm glad she didn't do it with him.