Saturday, February 26, 2011

with her eyes

Logan felt as if he might have been walking a tight rope, lately. Especially, with Sammi. Evidently, she wasn't too thrilled with him her room.

"How could you do this?" She was like one of those sour then sweet candies. Maybe. Not exactly. She did give him the third degree about being in her room. Yet, here they were having lunch together on campus. It was kind of inseparable now, with her. Not that he got lucky with her. Her words still mulled over in his head. He was lucky she didn't hit him that morning. He guessed she was glad that someone was thinking about her. Even if it was him.

"Well, I'm done." He knew Sammi knew. Why would he be here, otherwise. "With Natalie. But-" He bit the corner of his bottom lip. "You won't make this difficult, will you?" He hoped there wasn't some secret vow she'd made to Natalie, about the two of them never hooking up.

"I know." She sounded as if she'd discussed the ethics of the matter with Natalie, already. "She told me she slept with Noel."

Logan felt his chest practically cave in. This was so much harder than he imagined. He guessed he knew why it was good to go by some friend rule book that he still needed to get his hands on. Still, it was as if he'd been put under the needle with a reality check.

"Unbelievable." Logan winced with disgust. It was so hard to take, yet easy to imagine it happening. It was like Noel was under some spell. Like a full moon or something. "Do you think he even-even likes her?" He was a bit tender to mull it all around.

"Well, it was just sex." Sammi was cold about it. Logan felt all the more sensitive, knowing the Noel and Natalie equation. He didn't think of Natalie like that. She was so happy and sweet and- "I heard she's already seeing Derrick."

"God, that was quick." Logan thought he might be a bit sick with all this information. He felt like a turtle who'd been hiding in his shell. Perhaps it was Sammi's shell, But either way, it was a stand still and everything else was moving around him at the speed of light or sound..or something.

"What?" Sammi scowled. "You're thinking..We..we have a lot of catching up?"

"NO." Logan looked at her a little horrified. "Its not a race." He looked at her as if she'd said to much. As if being in her room that one time, meant she could say anything on her mind now. And he would have to take it. "Don't make this any harder than it is. You always make this hard. And then, then..well, I dunno." He couldn't eat now. He couldn't possibly think straight.

"I'm really not the affectionate sort. You have to realize that." She was forging on, in this conversation.

Suddenly, Logan felt dry-lipped and alienated.

"I know." It was always miserably awkward. He felt as if she filmed everything with her eyes, when it came to him. "Just stop putting me under a microscope, will you?" He whispered then. Honestly, she'd perfected it..when it came to pushing him away.


cady said...

Dry-lipped and alienated. I loved that.

This whole scene was really sad and beautiful.

ellie said...

Maybe, its just not the right time.

Yesha said...

I like the full moon being used here. :D

molly said...

I hope they'll learn to be better friends.

Through My Eyes said...

I hope they will eventually learn to get along.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Only time will tell what will happen in their relationship. :/

She is Sara said...

Ick awkwardness. I hope it works out with them, they are always thrown together.