Sunday, March 13, 2011


"Well?" Megan waited for an answer from Caitlin on her cell. As it was, she'd texted her more than she'd intended while Caitlin was away, but she missed her. She just wished she could be this close to her when she was here. Maybe.

Why was it like like this? She cared about Caitlin, but she just didn't know how to show it. Exactly.

"They're just being 'rents. Ranting, is an understatement." Caitlin admitted.

"Oh God? Really?" Megan groaned. She hated for Caitlin to be put through that. "Just don't listen to them."

"I'm not. I'm fine. Zeke's been great." Caitlin told her. As it was they were on the train ride home. "I just don't think I'll see much of them. All I am is ..well, money they think they are throwing away."

"But..seriously, Cait, really are a good daughter. How could they be so?"

"Dad, just knows, he'll have to raise this kid." Caitlin sighed.

"I'm so sorry." Megan stopped thinking about getting ready for work and plopped herself on the bed. She laid there staring at the ceiling. "We'll do something fun when you get back."

"You know, I can't go shopping. I've missed so much on work." As if was there were only a few days left of Spring Break. Although, Megan wouldn't know it. She'd been babysitting the entire time.

'Yeah, we'll think of something. Maybe we know, go to that museum here you always talked about. We'll find some freebie things to get to, OK?" Megan told her. She wanted things to be happy for Caitlin. She needed happiness now.


Cafe Fashionista said...

It's nice to see them finally rebuilding their relationship. :)

ivy's closet said...

So hope they'll be this close when they are together.

lucy and sarah said...

Megan is finally being sweet.

better days said...

Oh, I hope she'll be the bestie when Caitlin is back.

cady said...

I like that Megan wants Caitlin to be happy.

She is Sara said...

I love when they have their moments.

Josie said...

I hope they keep this up!
xo Josie