Tuesday, March 15, 2011

around and around

Sammi put her hand on Logan's shoulder. They were in perhaps the correct position. But the teacher kept coming over and adjusting where Logan's hands were on her waist and how she was holding on to him. She thought the whole thing was a freaking joke, but she wouldn't say it. But maybe Logan thought this was a joke too.

The music was just...from another world. Not her world. It was if they were being thrown into the past, somehow. She didn't like being thrown into anything.

Sammi, suddenly found herself thinking of Smed and what he said. Megan was not the one. It shocked her. Still. But she had to hold on to this secret of his. She had too. She needed to hold on to something of his. She adored him so much. It was hard to think of him as being a real guy with real problems. He was Smed. Her Smed. She wanted to keep him that way. Something she could worship from afar. It wasn't that she was waiting for him to be hers. But still she thought of him. Always.

Next thing she knew she was ramming into Logan, not letting him take the lead in the steps.

They stopped momentarily while the other couples moved slowly as if they were really getting into this strange music that made Sammi think of some old Nazi movie where everyone was having fun until the Nazis got there.

"I'm sorry." The instructor's voice was thick with a Korean accent. "Switch partners! NOW." His clap was so harsh. It made them both jump.

She watched to her dismay, and Logan's too. Some gorgeous Hispanic male came over to be Logan's partner, and she was stuck with some old dude who smelled of menthol cough drops.

She stared at Logan who looked so bewildered now. But he stood up straight. She was suddenly saddled with this guy who was old enough to be her grandfather. She looked up at his big nose. His face was splotchy with age spots. His bald head so shiny, but strange. Sammi was filled with such disgust. But soon enough, she followed the steps, as if her life depended on it.

Sammi wanted Logan back. She wanted him before it was too late.


ellie said...

Sometimes, it takes being a part to appreciate the other.

Cafe Fashionista said...

As they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder. :)

She is Sara said...

I am glad that she wants Logan, I think they are right for each other.

E.L. said...

Oh, I am glad she wants him now.

Lux and Stan said...

Oh, I hope they get a chance to dance.

Bex said...

Its about time she missed him.

Josie said...

Seriously, glad she figured that one out.
xo Josie

a book of short stories said...

Oh, I hope this is going to bring them closer.

lucy and sarah said...

I want to see them happy.