Tuesday, March 29, 2011

bord to death

"You were weird, earlier," Sammi said while they were in the backseat of Derrick's Volkswagen Bug. Sammi was proud to see the lime green thing in the drive way, but after getting lost, trying to find a Mexican food place, well, she hated this thing. The car got them around, and it was cute, but she felt like her butt knew what the pavement felt like. At least they weren't going to a catfish place. She smiled about that.

"No I wasn't." Logan was quiet even now. "It must have been your imagination." He made light of it. "Oh, I forgot, you don't have one."

She felt like punching him. If he could have been her brother, he would have been the perfect one. No one ever got along much in her family. She looked at him out of the corner of her eye.

"Don't even think on going of open night at the Funny House because you are not funny, Logan Campbell." It was as if she were talking to herself. She looked at him as the street light hit his face. He looked sad. She looked away, thinking she was the cause of it. Sammi sucked in a breath and reached back to take his hand, but he wouldn't take it. He crossed his arms instead. Not wanting to have a thing to do with her.

"Finally," Derrick said as he looked back at them. "OK, I know it looks like a dump, but really the food is amazing."

Sammi hoped so. She had no idea where they were. No way could she take off running.

Soon enough, they were inside the old building that was once a gas station. There were bright little table all around on the cement floor. Before Sammi knew it they had little beers with lime wedges stuck in the top of them.

"I really don't like beer." She shook her head. But no one said anything. Natalie was drinking with Derrick. Finally Logan got to drinking his beer. Finally Sammi gave in. There were salsa and chips and Derrick told Natalie the cheese enchiladas were the best.

"I'll just have a taco." Sammi said half dazed. The beer was making her very warm. She started to smile. Really big.

Logan looked at her stunned, as if he had no idea she could do that. But he went back to his beer.

Sammi looked around, smiled more. This really might be a fun dance. "I think I'll take another beer." She sucked on the lime then.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope Sammi slows it down a bit. :/

cady said...

Hmm. I wonder what's going to happen here. Anything, really.

ellie said...

Well, anything goes. Perhaps.

Holly said...

Will Sammi figure him out??

Josie said...

Ohhhh, Sammi... Slow down!
xo Josie

Cait said...

Poor Sammi.