Tuesday, March 1, 2011

in another world

Smed hated to see Zeke and Megan go on the train. He was a little scared for him. Why had he never thought of going home by train. It would be cheaper. He guessed.

But he felt sure if he were on the train with them, right now, he would be sound asleep. He hurried home to find everyone was already out. He guessed it was the plan. Zeke and Megan would get a sleep car and wake up at home. It was a nice thought. And soon enough, he was out of his work clothes into his flannel pants and off to sleep.

He just needed some peaceful sleep. Not thinking how hungry the world was, or a war breaking out on the other side of the world, or even real Americans wanting to take over capitals because they didn't like the budget cuts. Why did the big picture captivate him so? Well, it was either this, or Megan's world.

Soon enough he was off to dreamland. He felt as if he could feel his feet on the cobbled streets of his dream in a different land far..far..away...

"Wake up!"

But he couldn't, he was on some other destination..now wasn't he?

"Wake up!" Megan was pulling him back. Holding him back. "I need you to do something." She told him.

"What?" He thought it might be the trash or that pan she didn't want to scrub. Had he eaten her last HOT POCKET?

"You have to do something." She made it sound like housework.

"Can't it wait?" He manage to say. He thought.

"No, it can't." Megan informed him. "You have to have sex with Sammi."

Her words startled him. He felt his heartbeat rush through his ears. So much noise. Finally, he sat up. It was dark. Completely dark. Smed blinked as he sat up. It was just a dream. He looked at Megan, knowing she'd never go for that. He wouldn't go for that. He wouldn't. But he laid there awake, questioning himself about it.


ivy's closet said...

What a nightmare!

ellie said...

Oh, Smed. I hope things won't go mad.

E.L. said...

Oh, I hope he won't.

ori said...

Keep calm, Smed!

She is Sara said...

oh wow, how insane!

a book of short stories said...

the strangest thing.

ivy said...

Really, gotta wonder where this is going.

Josie said...

This is SO odd.
xo Josie

Cafe Fashionista said...

This is a time when Smed REALLY needs to keep his cool. :/