Friday, March 25, 2011

like old photographs

"Oh, come on, you should go." Caitlin was in a good mood. She'd been moved to the office at the nursing home for clerical work. Really, she enjoyed it, and she was off her feet. "And..why can't you two go out with Derrick and Natalie?" She looked at Sammi who was folding towels at the moment in the livingroom.

"I'm not good on double dates. Besides, it would be me and Logan." Sammi looked so solemn. "It would be weird."

"Just don't think it would be weird. Its dinner at the Catfish place." Caitlin reminded her.

"And..and I don't even like catfish." Sammi mentioned.

"Well, if you want a social life, you have work at it." Caitlin reminded her. She was looking for a snack, but finally settled on a glass of cold milk. "Granted, I never really had much of one. But Natalie is your friend, so is Logan. It would only be for a couple of hours at the most. Maybe not even that."

"OK. I just don't know, about Logan." Sammi looked at Caitlin. "He's being sort of mysterious."

"How?" Caitlin almost laugh, trying to picture Logan being mysterious.

"I don't know. He's just, quiet. Its like he's not even listening to me now." Sammi didn't look too happy about it.

"Well, he might have a lot on his mind. Something he doesn't want to bore you with, you know." Caitlin shrugged.

"I guess its his parents divorce. He could talk to me about it, but he won't." Sammi went to put the towels away.

Caitlin went to make herself a turkey sandwich from the cold cuts in the fridge.

"Um," Sammi said when she got back. "Can I ask you something about..about Smed?"

Caitlin looked at her, hoping Sammi still wasn't trying to come between Smed and Megan.

"I guess so." Caitlin smiled.

"Well, I dunno why its bothering me. But, Smed mentioned to me that Megan was not the one. Do you know if there was anybody else, he was in love with?"

"Smed?" Caitlin looked at Sammi. She was a little shocked to hear her say that. "He said that?"

Sammi nodded.

"I'm-I'm sure who ever that is, its history now." Caitlin nodded. "Its just history." She looked at her sandwich. Suddenly, she wasn't that hungry. For moment she honestly thought she might actually know the answer Sammi wanted, but she wasn't going to give it to her.


She is Sara said...

I am glad that she is trying to make Sammi more active, but i wonder what she is going to do with this news about Smed?

ellie said...

Caitlin is being a cool cucumber here. I suppose.

molly said...

Sammi has a way with those questions.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Wow! Definitely a close call for Caitlin. :/

Lux and Stan said...

Caitlin might be the one to nip this thing where it needs to be taken.

lucy and sarah said...

I'm happy for Caitlin. I wouldn't want to mess up anything now, either.

Em [The Writer] said...

I hate when things like that just ruin the mood. I swear this is nothing more awkward then getting food ready then losing interest in it. I mean what do you do with the food?

cady said...

Ah, Caitlin, keeping it close to the vest. I wonder what's going to develop here.