Wednesday, March 23, 2011

turning it around

Logan felt a little cold. Maybe. It was hard to tell. Yet, there was something hot in the core of his being. He was here. Alone with Javi.

It was late. The house slept soundly. Javi still lived at home. The oldest of five. The rest were step-sibling. They were all under the age of eight. He might have been a part-time Dad. Logan just looked at him. Why was he doing this?

Logan called him. It was just out of the blue. He thought now. He wanted to be over Sammi. He did. He wanted to stop thinking about her, and the only other person he could think of was Javi.

"Stop worrying so much." Javi's voice was very quiet and Logan had to get closer to listen to him. He could barely see him in the moonlight, anyhow. This was truly a secret. He took Logan's hand. "I won't hurt you. Promise. I'm not like that."

But Logan was shaky. He felt so breathy, but Javi's hands were so warm. He drew Logan in, kissing Logan's forehead. Logan's lips twitched a little, but then Javi's lips found his. Logan felt as if his upper lip had been severed.

He pulled away fast. Logan looked at Javi, wide eyed. He was very awake now. But Javi's fingers came around his fave, and he drew him in once more. The kiss was softer somehow. Maybe. They laid together then. Logan didn't know how far this might go.  He wanted to trust him. He did. After all, he was the first person who really wanted him. He'd never been wanted like this before. When Javi Frenched him, he felt as if every moment he was learning something new. Maybe about himself.


Josie said...

I hope Logan doesn't get hurt.
xo Josie

ellie said...

I am worried about Logan.

lucy and sarah said...

OMG..really? Well, I hope he doesn't get hurt.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Logan seems so confused lately. :/

molly said...

Last thing I expected.

cady said...

I love that name Javi.