Friday, April 22, 2011

finding a portal

Was it true? Those two? Caitlin and Smed?

Well, they didn't need to know that she saw them. So close. Unbelievably, close. Sammi was in shock.

Funny, she was wanting to ask Smed something, but she forgot what. It was late, anyhow.

Oh, it was about her date with Alex. She guessed it was a date. Perhaps. He did take her mind off things. She guessed.

Now she laid in bed, studying the ceiling in the dark. So that's who it was... Caitlin. It didn't seem fair to Sammi. Why her? Why? She was short, kind of stumpy, if she let herself. But then Caitlin could be a twig if she wanted too. Sammi had watched Caitlin's body thin, then emerge again. This time a bump that Sammi swore could wiggle like jello.

What in the world was Caitlin doing with Smed? Sammi hated being bugged by this. She called Alex immediately, just to get her mind off this. But of course, she got his voice mail, instead.

Now she couldn't sleep. She didn't want too. She looked through the contacts of her phone as if she were totally bored. Instantly, she directed her call to Derrick.

"What's up?" He answered so automatically she thought it might be voice mail, too.

"Nothing." She sounded so ominous. "Are you awake?"

"Of course." He sounded like he was up to any task she might need fixed.

"Good." A smile came to Sammi. She felt as if this might be the start of it all. And what was even funnier, Natalie wasn't there. How hilarious was that?


ellie said...

oooh..that Sammi.

Lux and Stan said...

This could be total trouble. Who's bad now?

Cafe Fashionista said...

Sammi is definitely crossing over to the dark side. :/

lucy and sarah said...

Sammi! How could you!

better days said...

Oh wow.

griffin said...

Sammi is trouble.

Josie said...

Sammi seriously needs to watch herself.
xo Josie

ivy said...

She's messed

Cuppykirsten said...

Uh-oh... she's in trouble!

With love, Kirsten