Friday, April 8, 2011

forget me not

Smed was into Smoothies. He guess it was spring. It felt like summer. And he was experimenting in the kitchen with the blender. He'd taken frozen coffee and had whipped something up, sweet and tasty.

"Its non fat." He promised Megan as he poured her one up. But she looked at him as if she was not in the mood to even be spoken too. She'd been that way since yesterday. So quiet. But he let her. He didn't want to force it out of her. But now she was being unusually quiet.

"All right, what did I do now?" He knew it had to be his fault. No one else could get her into this sad madness of hers.

"How-how come you tell Sammi things..that you won't tell me." She said rather quickly, as she hugged herself. She was in her sweats and one of his old T-shirts. She couldn't be that mad, he thought.

"About what?" He winced. He drank the frozen drink through a straw. He could feel the caffeine, already.

"You know what you said." Her eyes narrowed as if he better spill if he knew what was good for him.

Smed sighed. He just stared at her as he took another sip from the straw. This was all he needed. Megan to go off the deep end about something that was really nothing. Wasn't it?

"Do you know what I said?" He wanted to know. He sucked at the thick smoothie.

"Were you in love?" Megan cornered him.

"What if I was?" He knew he was asking too many questions. "Look, that was the past. I can't just ..." Well, he was stuck. What could he say? "It was nothing. It wasn't like being with you. Nothing ever happened. She didn't even know I existed." He got down to a lump of banana then in the drink. Maybe bananas and coffee didn't belong together. Something, like he and Caitlin didn't have a chance happening. Never would. Still the emotion stang deep inside. "Its not like I go around wondering what happened between you and Craig. You don't talk about him. You don't, Megan."

Smed hadn't meant to turn it around like that, but he knew who liked to talk. And well, maybe she should.


Lux and Stan said...

I bet that shocked her when he said that.

Cafe Fashionista said...

As long as Smed is willing to move forward, she should be too. :/

ivy said...

I think Smed just might know how to handle her.

Holly said...

Well..that's telling her...