Wednesday, April 6, 2011

have it your way

This didn't happen everyday. Going out to an early dinner with two guys. Caitlin got Sammi into a summer dress that Caitlin couldn't fit in now. Granted, it was shorter than Sammi liked, but Sammi pulled on the gray leggings which went a wee bit past her knees. After all, it was 70 degrees out.

Caitlin gave her, her crocheted wrap to wear just in case she got cold. She stumbled along in the thick wedges. This was kind of crazy. She didn't remember Alex. But here he was with Logan.


Alex ordered a pot of tea, right away at the little place. They had the place to themselves. It was four in the afternoon.

"So is it OK..if we share?" He gave Sammi a smile as he poured everyone a little cup of tea. "What are you ordering?"

"The vegetable lo mein." She always did.

"Sweet and sour chicken." Logan just shrugged as he put down the menu.

"Then I'll get the broccoli beef." Alex gave an open smile. "We can try each other's food."

"What?" Sammi winced. "I-I like my lo mein." She stared at Logan then.

"But have you ever tried broccoli beef?" Alex asked.

"No." She told him.

"What about you?" Alex looked at Logan.

"I'm not really into Chinese." Logan made a face as if he just liked his chicken nuggets. Nothing else.

"OK, just this once. What do you say, we have a little of everyone's on your plate? I'll even buy dinner." He told them.

Sammi looked out of the corner of her eye at Logan who just gave a shrug.

"You don't want to be set in your ways, do you?" Alex looked at Sammi then Logan.

Sammi smiled weakly. Was she set in her ways? She felt a little disgusted with herself then. Maybe she could learn something from this Alex. Maybe she wanted to date him.


ellie said...

Maybe all they need is alex.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Sometimes education comes from unexpected places - or people. :/

lucy and sarah said...

Funny, about that sharing. I kind of like Alex.

Holly said...

I wonder if she can share.

Lux and Stan said...

Oh..I hope they have fun.

heath and nick said...

Alex could perhaps coach them.

Josie said...

Alex is certainly stirring things up a bit.
xo Josie