Wednesday, April 20, 2011

shaking it up

It was true, the semester was coming to an end. Smed was cramming as much as he could. The whole kitchen table was loaded down with books and papers. Even his lap-top. So much for a paperless world, he guessed.

He'd been hunched over so long that his back ached and his eyes stung. Could he honestly get a descent grade in this literature class?

Smed scribbled a bit more on the essay. It was good practice if anything else, he decided. He yawned so. He yearned to crawl in bed and fade to sleep. But he looked up to see Caitlin shuffling in her pink slippers and flannel pants. She was digging for a snack in the fridge.

He noticed the light pink tank top. He liked that color on her. Yet, his eyes blinked at that paper he'd been writing. He typed it out next. Honestly, he was sure of it, he could not put a sentence together. But he remained focused. As it was, he didn't want to spoil her moment of unsalted crackers, low-fat cheese and apple juice.

However, she came over to see what he was up too.

"I think you're trying to hard." She finally said.

He only nodded. But he thought they were too close. In spite of everything. He stared at her stomach. Yes, it was quite obvious. He wanted to look anywhere else, but he couldn't. Just her stomach.

Smed didn't want to tell her about the awful nightmares he'd had. Moments, when he was sure it was over, and the baby wasn't here, and everything was messed up..and...

"Well, thank you." He just wished she could write the essay for him.

"Have some fun." She put a dark lock of hair behind her ear.

Smed gritted, as he scratched his chin in thought. Before he knew it, his head was resting on her shoulder.

"I don't even know why I'm here, sometimes." Smed thought he might be happier if he'd stayed, back home. His brother could have probably found him a job by now. He would be alone. Probably.

"I can't believe you said that." She didn't push him off, but he felt her fingers in his hair and across his face. It felt amazing. Yet, he jumped back to reality. This was not suppose to be happening.

"I need some sleep." He said quickly as he started to put things away.

"Right, start fresh, tomorrow." She smiled.

Smed smiled back. He was pretty sure it would be just as stale tomorrow, but right now..well, that was totally different.


Ali said...

Interesting moment!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Awkwardness abound! :/

ellie said...

see what too much studying can lead too..hehehe...

lucy and sarah said...

Oh, I think they are both tired.

ivy's closet said...

Wow, what is gonna happen?

E.L. said...

Gosh, they could fall into something.