Sunday, April 10, 2011

whats left of a painting

"How does he do it? Just how does he?" Megan wanted to know Smed's secret. She hadn't meant for her voice to echo through the vacant museum. Evidently, not many knew about the free time at the museum on an early Sunday morning.

Caitlin was studying some French painting.

"Look, he said nothing happened." Caitlin looked back at her. "And if it had, he nor you could change it. Just think about it. He did hear you out."

"I know." Megan was mad at herself about it. It felt like being caught in a nightmare that she wanted to let go with Craig. "Its just I was naive then. Am I just as naive now?"

"About what?" Caitlin kept looking at the painting that looked more like a strange thing in a galaxy, up close, while it looked like life in the park, far away.

"Everything." Megan sighed. "Love. You know, how I love him. How I love me."

Caitlin cracked a smile. "Don't think too hard now, you might miss what's coming." Caitlin told her.

"What do you mean?" Megan didn't understand.

"You'll want to hang on to things you don't think you can change. But you are changing, all the time, Megan." Caitlin pointed to her stomach as if that might be a clue how things change.

"God, I dunno what to do." Megan winced hard. Caitlin set down at one of the soft benches and waited for her to sit next to her.

"Don't hold it against him," Caitlin said. "He knows you've been through your own battle, with Craig, your mother. But something was taken from him, so long ago. You have to see, he needs you to be there for him. And you know you will be, because you love him. So be nice to him."

Megan nodded. Megan looked up at the painting. Dark, swashed with pink and blue pastels. She smiled.

"I just wish I knew who it was, you know." She sighed. A tear slipped  toward her cheek. Something that simple.

"No, you don't." Caitlin smiled. "Ask him to write you letters. Hand written letters. Its still nice to get letters. But you might have to write him first. See what happens."

Megan looked at Caitlin as if she might be dreaming, already. Caitlin knew who it was. She knew, but Megan didn't see a reason to ask her.


ivy said...

I liked the title to this. I think Caitlin has brought Megan out of whatever this is she's feeling for Smed at the moment.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope Smed doesn't create a wall between the two of them. :/

She is Sara said...

Geez things are getting rough, poor Megan.

molly said...

I'm hoping Megan will not stress so much over this.

Josie said...

I hope Megan doesn't worry too much...
xo Josie

so jade said...

Hopefully, Megan will keep it together.

hollyoaks fan fic said...

Caitlin is a good friend.