Saturday, May 28, 2011

friends and strangers

Sammi was beginning to think there was a ghost in the house. She felt more alone than ever before. More time to read Jane Austen, she guessed. Derrick went home for a visit. Actually, it was to see his sister in Boston. He'd tried to get her to take the train with him, but she really wasn't up to it. She wasn't up to saying much to Caitlin, either. It felt like years since they'd talk. But Caitlin still went to work, each day. She wouldn't even talk to Sammi.

Well, Sammi stayed grim too. She had to go to her mother's soon, and it really felt as if she were going to be punished. Perhaps she deserved it. Supposed, she and Derrick were a couple, but it had been a long time since they'd done anything that might feel slightly like a date.

It was all growing so old. She hadn't taken the time to wonder what Logan was even up to. He was like this silly boy now, with such silly problems. Really, all she did was think of her self. And Natalie. She didn't know what to say to her now. Natalie had called her in the beginning. Left messages. By the time Sammi returned them, Natalie's phone was no longer in service. She hated to ask anyone about her.

Sammi sent her an e-mail even, telling her the good and bad with Derrick. Unfortunately..or maybe that was fortunately, the e-mail got sent back. Maybe Natalie was doing this on purpose. She hated that she thought this. It was just so hard, thinking she wasn't the bad one in all this. But she guessed she was.

Then one day, she heard someone leave the house. But they were all in the kitchen waiting for bagels to toast with cheese.

"Who was that?" Sammi wanted to know. But no one rushed to tell her. Smed was crunching on a bagel, already.

"Uh, about that." Smed just pushed an envelope with Alex written on it. "He's been renting the room in the basement."

Sammi looked inside and saw a hundred dollars in cash.

"He needed a place to stay. I was gonna tell you, know..." He looked at her as if he hadn't meant to do anything wrong.

"Fine." Sammi gritted. Her mother would at least be happy.

"He got a job, and..really, he's no trouble.  He keeps to himself." Smed shrugged.

Sammi only nodded.

"What else have I been missing?" She looked at them as if they were hiding something more.

"I'll be house sitting, next month." Megan said quite sadly.

"Anyone else moving in?" Sammi wondered.

"Possibly." Smed sighed.

"Who?" She winced.

"I think Alex wants someone to move in with him." Smed winced.

Sammi hugged herself. Why was this bothering her so much? She didn't want to react this way. Seriously, she'd lost her appetite now.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Maybe Sammi just needs to give him another chance. :/

ellie said...

Oh, Sammi had to grow up. A part of her already, has.

lucy and sarah said...

Well, I wonder how she'll feel about Logan..when she really knows what is up with him and Alex.

Lux and Stan said...

Its hard to be perfect.

cady said...

Maybe she doesn't miss as much as she thinks she does.

Cuppykirsten said...

I feel kinda sorry for Sammi... it's hard.

With love, Kirsten

She is Sara said...

I think Sammi has been having so much bad luck. She is so hard on herself, hopefully she will ease up a little.

Lux and Stan said...

I wonder how surprise they'll be when they find out who's moving in??

molly said...

It'll be interesting, for sure.

griffin said...

Does she really want to settle with him? Just yet???