Saturday, May 14, 2011

its never quite free

Alex ate the left over sandwich someone had left at the college coffee shop. He didn't have to eat it. He wasn't that far gone. It was just out of habit.

He'd been let go at the Mexican food place which was clearly not his fault. Someone said he'd been stealing booze. Mainly beer. But it wasn't true. It wasn't him. It was the fact he just didn't return the favor the bartender had wanted.

It was sort of the domino effect. No job. No money for rent and soon he didn't have a place to live. Honestly, he didn't see any of it coming. He wasn't a bad roommate. Couldn't they have let it go, just this once? Until he found something.

He had always wanted to work at the movie theater, but kept getting turned down. He didn't even know why. He bet he could fix the movie projector if it ever went down. His father had one of those old projectors. He'd loved that thing as a kid. He's always been interested in film. He was even inspired to be a camera man. Why did everyone look at him so funny when he talked about that, in interviews? He felt out of his element. He needed to go somewhere ..where he was accepted. Like film school. But that wasn't easy to break in to, either.

God, he hoped Logan let him stay with him a little longer. He was going to fix this. He was. He choked down the rest of the ham sandwich. Someone had left half a coke untouched. Well, he took that too. Very politely, but fast. He didn't know where his next meal might be coming from.

As it was, he hadn't spoken to his Dad in years. That's what happened when he told him the truth. Then he lied. Said he was just doing some method acting. It was just an experiment to see if his Dad thought he were believable when he talked about that "gay stuff". He was majoring in drama then. His father even came to watch him play Tybalt in the college summer production. He got a lot of bad guy parts back then. He was said to be a natural villain. It was just..he didn't really care for being in that circle of friends. Really, those old professor, gay or not, wanted him to be a certain way. It was just not his way.

As Alex plowed into the open chips now, he guessed it was true. He had lost out on a lot because he just didn't go by the rules. It was a sad feeling, indeed.

Maybe some one would have taken care of him, some time ago. And he might be on his way to being a TA in the drama department. If only, he'd known how to play his cards right. If only.

"HEY!" He looked up when he heard the voice. It was their food they had left, only to go to the restroom. Evidently. Alex couldn't think of anything to say. What could he say but bite into another chip?


Cafe Fashionista said...

Following the rules is sometimes the best way to play the game of life. :/

ellie said...

I dunno..if it made him uncomfortable..I feel he should go his own way.

ivy's closet said...

He's complicated, but I still think he's a good person.

lucy and sarah said...

I hope he figures it out.

She is Sara said...

oh geez I feel so bad for him, but the way it ended was kinda funny!

O V said...

Alex is definitely having some hard times.

Josie said...

I feel so bad for Alex!
xo Josie