Friday, May 20, 2011

kiss them goodbye

How could this be? Really, Caitlin didn't know exactly how to wrap her mind around the concept. That it was over. Completely.

Of course, the cramping had been horrible. Although, she'd withstood it for the longest while. Just because. Maybe she deserved it. Really, she didn't want Zeke to see her this way. But honestly, she couldn't even say who she was anymore.

There was a loss and she felt so lost. Machines going, beeping stopping. On again. Off again. She didn't know what was good or what was bad. It was just wrong. She was so wrong. And she didn't feel like crying now. No. she might feel better if she did. So she wouldn't.

What was she to stay about this? Really? Anything? Nothing?

"I'm going to call your parents." Zeke said first thing when they got to the emergency room.

"Don't you dare." She snapped. No, she wanted to be alone. They would be no help.

Zeke had said nothing after that. He'd hold her hand when she'd let him, but she'd swell with fear, expect the worst. And then it happened. Such a shock. Now being left alone in a hospital bed.

"Were you even thinking of any baby names?" Megan had wanted to know. Of course, they'd glared at Megan and she left. Caitlin guessed. Even so, she hadn't meant to be so cold. She knew Megan meant well.

The thick odor of the place consumed Caitlin now, under the fierce lighting. Everything smelled of a disinfectant death, and it was all ugly in the light. She needed sleep, but it didn't feel like sleep. It felt like a tired murky wave that couldn't lull her out of this mess.

Then a massive pain of tears came rushing through her. Where was Sammi? Did anyone know where Sammi was?


ivy said...

Caitlin is always a good friend, even in bad times. I think.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Caitlin really needs someone to reach out to her right now. :(

molly said...

Oh, I hope she'll be OK.

Lux and Stan said...

Its so sad. Don't know what to write.

Through My Eyes said...

You can't help but think of how horrible things must be for kaitlyn. Cramps are the worst ):