Wednesday, May 18, 2011

these are the things I can do without

Megan might have just as well been sleepwalking. There she was holding the cups of coffee. From McDonalds. Not that hospital coffee, that might as well have been black water.

"You need something to eat." She told Zeke. She had sausage and biscuits in her huge handbag. Even some hashbrowns. She needed something to stop thinking about what had happened.

Perhaps, it wasn't as suddenly as she imagined. Really, Caitlin was quite calm about it. She'd sat down at the kitchen table, holding her stomach, as if something might fall from her.

"I don't feel right." Megan remembered her saying. At the time, Megan hadd been trying to call anyone about Sammi and just getting the run-around. Logan didn't even care. So she didn't call him when Caitlin went to the emergency room.

Now Megan was freezing cold holding two cups of hot coffee.

"Please take it, please." Megan begged. Finally Zeke held it. He looked so pale, standing there in the corridor of the hospital. There were babies being rolled down to the nursery. Megan just sighed, wishing Zeke didn't notice.

"I put sugar and cream in it. Its good. Its very good coffee." She found herself saying, knowing that he didn't really care. There was so much he didn't care to know now. "I brought you breakfast." She had to get him to the waiting room. There was a free table there. She got him seated with the food. "You need to eat." But he just stared at the food and held his coffee.

His face seemed to be set in stone. He was wearing the trousers he'd came home in, from work. He was in a white T-shirt as his hair was full of curls from the humidity. Megan sat there staring at him, wishing she knew how to make him feel better. If only she knew what to do. But he looked like a zombie. Nothing seemed to help. It was as if he couldn't speak, even if he tried, his voice was gone.

Megan pulled out the sandwiches. Still warm. She tore into the hash-browns. She wanted to savor the taste, but the flavor was gone. Everything was different now.


ellie said...

what a sad time.

Cuppykirsten said...

Aaahw... Hope it'll be better soon.

With love, Kirsten

Cafe Fashionista said...

Such a sad time this is. :(

lucy and sarah said...

That would be hard for all of them.

griffin said...

Megan is trying to do the right thing.

molly said...

She is a good friend.

Meg said...

It's such a hard time to know what to say!