Monday, May 30, 2011

traveling light

It felt like the saddest day to Logan. It was time to say good-bye to the dorm-room. He thought he might go by Sammi's and say goodbye. Even though, he hardly knew what to say. It was as if everything had changed. No Natalie around to at least have meals with. And he guessed it wasn't meant to be with Alex. Although, it hadn't been that long since he'd seen him. Yet it felt more than weeks. Time went by so slow. Not hearing from him. And now, Logan had to leave. His brother was taking him to the bus station.

He swept the floor once more. Hoping, he hadn't left anything behind. And yet, even on the raw bed that didn't have covers on it anymore, had once been a happy place. But it was just an afterthought, thinking Alex was here...he thought those days were going to last forever. He lingered, wondering what was next. He'd stashed his stuff at a unit his brother had rented. In the fall he could unload when he got a new dorm-room. Really, he hadn't a clue what to do when he got home. It would be strange going back. His mother had an apartment now. Logan didn't even know where his dad lived. Really, this was what limbo felt like. He was sure of it. He felt as if he'd just be a burden to his Mom.

It was time to say good-bye. Logan started to go, but when he opened the door..there was Alex.

"Where have you been?" Logan looked at him crossly.

"I'm sorry." Alex said right away. "I-I got my phone cut off, but..but I'm working now." He almost winked with a smile. "And not just that, I found us a place." He grabbed Logan's shoulders.

"A place?" Logan winced.

"Well, its in the basement at Sammi's, but still-"

"You've seen Sammi?" Logan squinted, wondering what this really meant.

"Actually, I haven't. I've been working at this camp and well, I've built some sets at the drama department. I actually got paid." He smiled. "Smed said I could stay there. And, there's a lot more space in the basement. I got a few things at yard sales. Some lady from the costume department gave me her old bed. Actually, its not that bad. Since her girlfriend left, she didn't want it. Do you want to see the place?"

Logan looked at Alex wide-eyed. He could hardly speak. He was filled with laughter.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Alex is quite the character - he's growing on me! :)

ellie said...

Yeah, I love Alex. And I think he's good for Logan.

ellie's desk said...

Oh YEAH! But not sure how his Mom & his brother will fill about this.

Lux and Stan said...

Oh, alex..I'm sweet on him.

Through My Eyes said...

ALEX, he's just the best.

Cuppykirsten said...

Ales, ftw ^^ He's just amazing.

With love, Kirsten

She is Sara said...

It seems like everything is working out!

cady said...

This should get more interesting, for sure.

griffin said...

Looks like the best is yet to come!